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DJ Fury’s Gold Chrome Bentley GTC


DJ Fury and his Gold Chrome Bentley

What better way to represent your brand than a golden Bentley?

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Dec 16, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – DJ Fury (aka Brian Graham) the CEO of GoldMyne Entertainment, LLC, is pushing the boundaries on how to market your business these days. He took one of his prized possessions and favorite vehicles, a convertible Bentley Continental GTC, and had it completely wrapped in metallic gold chrome. As if that wasn’t bold enough, he then proceeded to stamp his company logo, name and website around the vehicle. DJ Fury plans to take his Bentley across the country to various exotic car shows to put on public display in 2023. Whether it is a genius marketing plan or simply a wild and crazy idea to wrap a Bentley all gold and stamp your brand on it; what we do know is that it definitely is an attention grabber. We’ve seen people stop and stare, take pictures and videos, point at it with their bottom jaw dropped and even more wild reactions. DJ Fury has certainly created a buzz around Atlanta with his gold Bentley marketing ploy and the internet is also starting to react to it as people post the vehicle on their social media pages. Don’t be surprised if you see DJ Fury cruising around your city in his gold chrome Bentley GTC. If you notice the trunk rattling a bit, don’t be alarmed. He also put a banging custom stereo system in it to blast his label’s music!

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Gold Bentley owned by DJ FuryDJ Fury and his Gold BentleyGold Bentley owned by DJ FuryDJ Fury and his Gold Bentley Convertible

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