Visit Canada for Holidays in A More Convenient Way with eTA Canada Visa


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Dec 16, 2022 ( – Coming to Canada requires a visa that is often collected from the Canadian embassy and the visa comes in a paper form. This process is tiring, time-consuming, and requires a physical visit to the Canadian embassy. However, for a short visit to the country, travelers can now avail of the eTA Canada visa which can be collected online. This visa is available for short tourist, transit, and business visits. Which makes coming to Canada for business even easier as the eTA Canada visa is easily obtainable and there is no need to visit the embassy. The BUSINESS VISA FOR CANADA is perfect for you if you are looking to invest in the country or looking for opportunities to grow the business. You can stay in the country for up to 6 months with a business visa. Well, you can check more information at

The Canadian electronic visa is also available for tourism and transit visits. The application for an eTA Canada visa is easy and the entire process can be done online in just 5 minutes. The first step is to fulfill the application form. Here the applicant needs to fill in some required personal details such as name, date of birth, email address, country of origin, place of birth, etc. Then the applicant needs to confirm the payment and lastly, the applicant needs to wait for the visa confirmation. Also, this link can engage you with immediate details

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Now Latvian and Lithuanian citizens can also avail the benefits of a Canadian electronic visa and visit the country in a hassle-free way. The applicants must be over the age to apply for an eTA Canada visa or they would require a parent or a guardian. For Lithuanian citizens, eTA Canada is valid for arrival by only air. The citizens’ departure date must be within 90 days of arrival. This multiple-entry visa is valid for 5 years. Visit to know more. Similarly, for Latvian citizens, the visa is valid for short visits and the only requirement is a valid email address, a valid passport, and a valid payment method, a credit card, a debit card, or a PayPal account. Know more from:


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