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Enjoy a Hefty Dose of Soca Vibes with Immanuel Sun Oliver’s Latest Track ‘Pocketwatching’


Immanuel Sun Oliver

Emerging singer cum rapper, Immanuel Sun Oliver has come up with an amazing single this season, known as ‘Pocketwatching’. It offers Soca vibes with hip-hop and pop.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Sykesville, Maryland Dec 20, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The music industry is getting enriched by the latest track ‘Pocketwatching’ by upcoming talented music artist Immanuel Sun Oliver. He has done an amazing job in creating this single that offers a groovy and soothing musical soundscape along with intriguing lyricism. Revolving around the subject matter of love and life, the single consists of an ample amount of emotion and musical creativity that can captivate everyone. Immanuel has a magical voice that reflects throughout the whole track. Somewhere between rapping and singing, the artist has provided a slumberous yet melodic delivery that hits differently. His musical journey has just started and he is already making some great progress. 

Offering listeners the mixed flavors of pop, Hip-hop, and R&B; this artist is creating a new creative wave in the music industry. With his Trinidadian heritage, Immanuel pours down an ample dose of Soca vibes in his music which makes it even more engaging and enjoyable. Considering his parents as one of his greatest inspirations, he is looking forward to releasing more tracks in the coming days with their blessing. He is already written two new albums which are tracked and ready to be recorded soon. 

There is no doubt that Immanuel is going to release more powerful and emotive tracks in the coming days of his musical career. The latest track ‘Pocketwatching’ is marking the initiation of his success. Follow Immanuel Sun Oliver on Spotify and Apple Music and other major music platforms like Instagram to have a taste of his musical creations. 

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