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Teen rising pop star TACEY drops a a surprise new single tittle “Dime Que Sí’ to celebrate the holiday season



After “Conmigo” and “Otra Notificación”, TACEY surprises her fans with “Dime Que Sí” her very first Christmas single and as expected this is another track with which the talented young artist leaves everyone shocked and asking for more.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Dec 23, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – TACEY’s vocal ability seems to have no limits and added to her quality of interpretation it is hard to believe that she is just taking her first steps in the musical field.

Fresh, explosive, sweet, cheerful, and with contagious choruses, “Dime Que Sí” is the perfect song to share and celebrate during the holidays. In the song TACEY expresses her feelings to a love interest and in the middle of the Christmas Eve celebration she asks him to say “yes” and thus becomes her long-awaited Christmas present.

With a loving spirit, urban lyrics, and elements of Latin pop and mambo, the track immediately transports to the dance floor, achieving a different and unique result from the classic  Christmas songs that are characterized by being soft and sentimental. Is not a surprise that TACEY is not afraid of breaking the mold, she has taken artistic risks since the beginning of her musical career, and she does not stay still or settle, while still a teenager she is encouraged to enter the most competitive musical genres of the moment and she does it with absolute preparation and with such a strong footstep that leaves anyone speechless. The young promise of Latin urban popular music has captured her unique versatility as an artist and her overwhelming ability to win the love, respect, and support of the public no matter what genre she ventures into since her debut.

As a dancer, TACEY carries rhythm and movement in her body practically from the cradle, dance is undoubtedly the engine and the basis of her music, which is always danceable and wastes energy, in addition, the fundamentals learned in dance from a very young age have prepared TACEY to get this far, transmit security, confidence, discipline and an unmatched work ethic to conquer and persist in the competitive market of the music industry.

TACEY’s imminent rise and triumph are just around the corner, it is clear that her enormous talent will take her far and that her name will cross borders very soon.

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About TACEY;
Tacey is an American bilingual pop singer that with only 18 years old and gifted with unique vocals strength, amazing signature dance moves and a showstopper presence has everything to become the next Pop Star. She has created a powerful ripple in the Latin global music scene after releasing her first single, Conmigo.


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