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Isaac Gueye Proves to Be a Creative Mastermind with Two New Tracks


Isaac Gueye

Isaac Gueye gets his listeners grooving to the rhythm of his beats as he adds two brilliant new artistic gems – ‘Suspect’ and ‘Back’- to his chest of musical treasures.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Paris, France Dec 25, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Creating an emphatic blend of industrial rhythms with a unique tribal vibe, the musical virtuoso Isaac Gueye has dropped two new tracks ‘Suspect’ and Back. Both the songs live up to their titles and make up for two of the most immersive and alluring soundtracks released recently. An evolutionary foreboding persists throughout the tracks with complex layers of dynamic implications that form a realm of sublime musicality. The raw, organic passions in union with the cutting techno and deep house elements bear a mark of individuality that defines the artist.

With Suspectthe singer creates an atmosphere of anticipation and apprehension that is augmented by the electric undercurrent in the air that music aims to represent. The opening beats immediately catch the attention of listeners and take them towards the gradual buildup of a sci-fi-esque soundscape. ‘Back’ follows a similar style but with a twist of mystery and nostalgia. Gueye injects the paradox of optimism and darkness in juxtaposition in his music which makes for a thoughtful and energized listening experience.

An artist who is deeply passionate about finding new music and never afraid to delve into the depths of it, Isaac Gueye‘s music testifies to his musical brilliance and his mixed cultural background as he draws inspiration from his “Italian taste, African sun, and French touch”. For him, music is the essence of his self-expression and also a medium for it. To listen to more of his musical tracks like ‘the Glave’ and ‘Starting’, log into Spotify. His songs can also be streamed on SoundCloud. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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