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Get to know Tracy Lee, the songwriter who can change the world with music


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A girl with Unique Style

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Wylie, Dec 30, 2022 ( – It takes a lot of courage to embrace the talent and skills out in the world, and Tracy Lee is encouraging everyone to be that person through her musical creations. This music artist is inspiring everyone with her singing and songwriting skills. However, the journey wasn’t very smooth for her as she could not believe in the potential she had. Tracy started singing in her early 20s but her musical journey started way before as she developed a deep passion and knack for music from her childhood. Music and poetry are her staple food for living and that reflects through her musical creations as well.

Starting from her summer job at The Salvation Army Camp for Inner-city children in 1993 to the churches she went to, Miss Harrington would sing wherever she could open up herself. Her shy and self-conscious attributes held her back sometimes but her friends helped her to show the world what talent and skills she has acquired through her hard work, dedication, and determination. Though Tracy enjoyed singing and songwriting when she was a teenager, the music artist finally began her journey in 2017.

Leaving the mistakes and insecurities behind, this well-seasoned and versatile music artist started to develop her own genre and musical style that portrays her sheer individuality and creative psyche. Greatly influenced by her voice teacher, favorite aunt, and uncle; Miss Harrington started making music that could inspire others. The artist churns out raw emotions from her heart which makes her songwriting highly relatable for every listener. However, it is difficult to limit the artist to a single genre since she enjoys dabbling in a variety of styles. Some might call it emo rap, pop, or even jazz; but Tracy knows how dynamic and genre-bending style she got. It is more like an amalgamation of poetic rap and singing, infused with the tenderness of R&B and Soul Vibe.

Currently, Tracy has a huge collection of songs in her musical arsenal and it is growing even more prominent. Each of the tracks like ‘Wildfire Child’, ‘Merry Christmas My Love’, ‘Mr. Snowman’, ‘Daydreaming’, etc are the greatest examples of her consistency and uniqueness. No matter how the soundscape is designed, her meandering vocal skills can adapt to all kinds of musical textures which makes each track enjoyable and engaging as well. Let’s welcome this new year with Tracy Lee who has a dream to change the world through her music. Listen to her creative works at


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Singer Songwriter Producer Tracy Lee Harrington
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Singer Songwriter Producer Tracy Lee Harrington
I’m singer Songwriter Producer with unique Style starting my own lane. Wanting to change the
world one song at a time.
[email protected]


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