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Septillion announces its first phase of NFT Presale



Septillion Nft booking to be started on Jan 20,2023


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bangkok, Thailand Jan 13, 2023 ( – As a decentralized ecosystem rallying for the power of blockchain, Septillion offers the world’s first smart contract marketing matrix plan on the Binance blockchain. With the rise of cryptocurrency and the uptrend of blockchain technology, many new businesses on the blockchain struggle to reach investors. Septillion aims to close the gap between new crypto projects and prospective investors through its specialized distribution matrix that relies on blockchain infrastructure.

This self-executing software algorithm distributes partner rewards between community members, depending on conditions such as matrix marketing plans and levels. Septillion follows the Binance practice of ICO marketing and utilizes the power of blockchain to make businesses more efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Septillion envisions an integrated blockchain-based world where businesses, employees, assets, and investors are gathered in a unified blockchain ecosystem. The Septillion token SPT is the native coin that holds trading power, advantages, and governance in the Septillion ecosystem.

Starting from Dec 06, 2021, Septillion has reached the milestone of having more than 10k physical users till Jan 13, 2023, and now has tightened the belt fast for the launch of the very first project an NFT -P2E.

After the successful campaign of the NFT launches the project will be continued by SEPTOVERSE BATTLEMANIA & The ARC Technology which will bring potential growth to the project.

The presale of the NFT will begin on Jan 20, 2020, under the private sale module and each NFT can be booked by SPT Tokens only.

Currently, the token is running on which itself a very reputable platform for the trade of crypto.

The CEO Mr. Neeraj Kumar Jha makes sure all their investors for a great profit under this project.

Note: To book the NFT of any value send the requirement to [email protected] and all the instructions should be followed accordingly. The NFT will be live on different exchanges from March 05, 2023.

 Major Team Behind Septillion(SPT)

1> Harpreet Singh Panesar 2> Abhijeet Roy 3> Prasenjit Nath  4> Aditya Kumar Yadav 5> Brijesh Kumar Prajapati  6> Yogender Singh 7>Pramod Kushwaha 8> Jitendra Dhakad

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