Virginia Native JD True Is Making A Powerful Impact With His Latest Releases


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 18, 2023 ( – James David True, Better known by his stage name JD True is an on the rise recording artist from Virginia. His music is unique and solely authentic. His sound meshes poetry and raw hard-hitting music designed to tell a story or connect with his audience. He has a diverse love for music that helps him to hone into the best sound that fits the current track he is working on. His inspiration however has come from poetry. The ability to deeply express a story has always intrigued him. After experiencing his songs come to life with the help of professional engineers he was hooked. It was through more experience that he was able to really hone his sound.

When it comes to creating a record he tends to write what’s on his mind and even if it is only a few lines he will make a song around it. He likes to live in the moment and let the music speak to him. He is able to flow better when he feels the vibe of the moment. Right now he is focused on a new release titled “Red Pill”. This song dives into his journey and choices when it came down to pursuing music as more than a hobby. It speaks of him living out his dreams no matter the obstacles placed before him. After that release, he will be releasing an EP “I Got Something To Say”. Which is set to drop later this year. In the meantime check out his current releases before “Red Pill” drops.

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