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Mark Whitwell Launches the Heart of Yoga Foundation


The Heart of Yoga Peace Project

Helping Every Person Access A Yoga Education

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 21, 2023 ( – “Yoga is not commercial activity,” stated the grandfather of modern yoga, our teacher Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. To honour this, Mark Whitwell has launched the Heart of Yoga Foundation to deliver Yoga education via a formal non-profit organisation (501(c)(3)).

The goal of the foundation is to make effective, non-dogmatic, authentic Yoga education accessible to all people, especially those who have difficulties with access. Yoga is a common, non-religious practice to cultivate awareness around the unifying principle of peace. 

The Heart of Yoga Foundation is currently focused on the following work areas:

1) Yoga in Schools Project

A practical and proven 8-week yoga education program for teens that addresses the global crisis in mental health among young people. After a successful pilot programme at a busy inner city school in Auckland, New Zealand, the programme is being implemented in schools around the world, beginning with the EU.

2)  The Heart of Yoga Peace Project

Peace Project is dedicated to developing yoga communities in troubled areas throughout the world. Our aim is to support communities in active conflict zones by teaching aspiring yoga teachers the heart of yoga. We believe that even in devastatingly stressful environments, breath-based practices can support overall well-being. We provide ‘Peace Project’ yoga teacher training with an emphasis on conflict resolution and trauma sensitivity to support Yoga for Peace on a global scale, with full scholarships for students from conflict zones.

3) Yoga Teacher Equity Programme

This project describes and formalises our long-running work to make yoga accessible to all people, regardless of country, financial situation, language, or education. Goals include funding Yoga education for aspiring Yoga teachers who would be otherwise unable to attend trainings; coordinating and funding the translation of Yoga educational resources into different languages beyond English; extending support for teachers offering Yoga in Prisons.

The Foundation is guided and financed by real people who want to see real change in the world happen. The Foundation welcomes donations of any size to support a project of your choice. 

To learn more about the Heart of Yoga Foundation and to become a supporting member please visit


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