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‘The JellyFish’ Is Bringing New Waves to Old School Metal with Their New Single ‘Deceased’


The JellyFish

The JellyFish is reviving the genre of old-school metal and their new track ‘Deceased’ is the newest proof of that. The official video is out now on YouTube.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Liverpool, New South Wales Jan 23, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The JellyFish has recently released their brand new single and it is standing proof of its attempt at bringing a new approach to metal and rock music. They have released Deceasedand its official video on YouTube perfectly captures these two musicians’ true talent. The video features both musicians at their best, which is singing and playing guitar and it reflects the expressive nature of both talents. The band consistently makes music and expresses their artistic talent to the world. Now their stronger-than-ever screen presence which was brought out by the music video is worth watching over and over again. The video displays a range of styles and stuns the audience with its upbeat musicality. The influence of the video on the audience is too high. It has not been long since the music video was released on YouTube, but in this short period, it gained over 5 thousand views already, proving the audience is embracing the talent with open arms and ears!

The official video consists of a culmination of new sounds that takes the genre of thrash metal to another level. A culmination of old school thrash and grunge.  The exceptionally talented artist duo did a virtual collaboration with ‘Deceased’ and is based in India and Australia. Growing up both the artists who are two brothers were inspired by old-school thrash metal and made music their passion from an early age.

Now they have mixed the sound of 90s grunge and old-school metal and their song ‘Last Day’ is the latest proof of their creative expression. The JellyFish uses some heavy riffs and fast solos in the track which particularly captures the attention of the listeners.

One of the most surprising and addicting components of their new single is that it never compromises the melody. On top of that, the expressive and well-written verses of lyrics made the song create an enchanting ambiance for the audience. The music video perfectly showcases the band’s passion and love for the music they make. You can watch it on YouTube along with their other Original tracks like ‘Last Day‘, ‘Festival‘, and ‘One Last Time‘ among a bunch of amazing covers which have been given ‘The  JellyFish’ treatment.

Please visit here to listen to the song of The JellyFish:

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