Gain Knowledge About Adolescent Substance Abuse with Richard Capriola’s ‘The Addicted Child’


The Addicted Child by Richard Capriola

Writer Richard Capriola presents a roadmap for parents so that they can help their children who are abusing substances in their adolescence with ‘The Addicted Child’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Katy, Texas Jan 30, 2023 ( – Substance abuse is a huge issue that is dangerously becoming more popular with each passing day. There is no corner in the world where substance abuse, especially in children who are in their adolescence is not present. Seeing this from up close, the author Richard Capriola has penned down his experience in life and his thoughts in his latest book. The Addicted Child‘, Richard’s newest book, is now available on Amazon and Book Baby. The author crafted this treatise with utmost care and knowledge so that it can truly serve its purpose to the parents, which is delivering a roadmap so that they can save their children.

When a child, still in their adolescence uses alcohol or drugs, it not only affects them but also alters their behaviors, thus affecting the whole family. These substances enter the still-developing brains of children and change their thought processes as well. So as a parent, the responsibility falls on you to save them from changing their lives forever. But, the starting point of giving help is not always black and white, sometimes figuring out what to do and where to start is difficult. This is why Richard Capriola has used his incredible penmanship for those parents who need help helping their children. ‘The Addicted Child’ is an intriguing read as the writer used his storytelling ability to give some relevant and important information that can be a very faithful and effective guide.

Working as a mental health and addictions counselor for more than two decades, the author has seen how families got destroyed and how severe these substance abuses can be in children’s lives. Most of the time the parents do not know why their children are struggling and how to help them. This inspired the author to write the book and tell a story that can truly bring a change in the world. The author also encourages the parents to read this book so that they can understand how severely damaged substance abuse can be when it comes to adolescent children so that they can start helping them today. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay connected.

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