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Vineforce rebrands itself as the ‘The premier work management tool for Microsoft 365 and Teams’ with new and enhanced features that help busy professionals and teams get more done without working longer hours while still being.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Aventura, Florida Jan 30, 2023 ( – Vineforce today, relaunched as Vineforce 4.0, is the premier work management tool that helps you regain control of your day through effective workday planning and organization that enables you to become a better manager of your time, projects, and human resources. Rebranding as a work management tool that includes a daily planner and runs on the Microsoft 365 platform, Vineforce helps you optimize your daily productivity so you spend less time organizing your day and more time getting things done. However, Vineforce is more than this. It is also an easy-to-use workspace for managing schedules, projects, and tasks while staying coordinated with everyone on your team. 

Today’s project management software market is flooded with a wide selection of tools designed to make work more accessible and fulfilling for remote workers. Though that is the case, many software applications are not (1) one-size-fits-all, (2) easy to use, (3) smart, and have (4) steep learning curves. Vineforce 4.0, as the new kid on the block, offers more intelligence, customizability, value, and ease of use that compels you to be a better manager of your work and team simultaneously. With built-in tools that enhance your productivity and team management skills, Vineforce makes it easy for you to stay on top of your team’s work while staying focused on what is important. 

The vision of Vineforce has always been to help every knowledge worker on the planet plan their workday more effectively through digital means. Making them less distracted, more organized, more productive, and in control of their workday. Vineforce holds firm to its belief in the value of planning your day, which makes the lives of its users easier. If you manage teams, Vineforce’s goal is to help you become an elite-level manager by analyzing your work patterns to give you valuable insights and tools to optimize your daily schedule. In addition, boosting team collaboration and ensuring projects stay on track.  

“For almost ten years, we have been helping individuals and teams become more with less using Microsoft 365. We faced the same challenges along the way, especially since our team worked remotely across different time zones,” said Jason Murray, CEO of Vineforce. “So, we embarked on an ambitious journey to build an intelligent tool capable of helping managers run their teams, schedules, and projects more efficiently. After two years of development, learning, and feedback, the future of work is here – Vineforce. The premier work management tool for Microsoft 365 and Teams.” 

Key Features 

  • Planner–Assists in building the perfect schedule by suggesting items to add to your day based on your profile. 
  • My day— See today’s activities in one adjustable view. Incomplete tasks automatically roll over to the next day. 
  • Tasks/ projects— Organize projects easily by assigning tasks to your team and attaching files/links to any task or project. 
  • Files/Links— Access files & links from OneDrive/SharePoint and email attachments in a single searchable interface. 
  • Check-out— Daily check-outs allow teams to share their accomplishments, challenges, and plans for tomorrow. 
  • Notifications / Reminders— Vinny, our Microsoft Teams bot, is a centralized hub for all your notifications and reminders. 
  • Leave Tracking— Create and manage policies that assist in organizing yearly holidays and scheduling/approving employee leaves. 
  • Progress tracking — Become aware of your team’s accomplishments, task progress, challenges, and plans for the next day. 
  • Automations— Connect all your tools and automate processes with the Vineforce Power Automate connector. 

Pricing and Availability 

  • Vineforce 4.0 is free to start for 15 days. No credit cards are required; cancel anytime. 
  • $132 per user per year OR $42 per user per quarter 
  • Vineforce 4.0 is available on the web at  
  • Vinny, the bot is free from the Microsoft Store to all Vineforce users with a Teams account. 

About Vineforce 

Founded in 2012, Vineforce is a remote work management tool for remote and hybrid teams with teammates from multiple regions, such as in the USA, India, Philippines, Argentina, and Jamaica. By creating a flexible environment for distributed teams to communicate and collaborate, Vineforce is changing how the world works especially remote work. The future of work is Vineforce. To learn more, visit


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