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GetRentacar.com: A Game Changer for Global Car Rental Industry


The world’s leading marketplace driven by an auction engine for renting cars and motorbikes offers a streamlined platform for connecting car owners and passengers. Its innovative bidding engine makes the rental process much faster and more affordable

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dover, Delaware Jan 31, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – International car rental marketplace GetRentacar.com changes the whole industry with its brand-new approach to work.

According to the analysts of the global statistics platform Statista, the global car rental industry is forecast to reach $99.54 billion by 2023, driven by the rising popularity of ride-hailing and car-sharing services. This will lead to a 10% increase in rental locations across the globe, particularly in the US, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, the average daily rate for car rentals is expected to rise by 4%, and the number of customers is predicted to grow by 5%. However, neither the customer nor the driver will benefit from this situation, as the business will reap the majority of the profits.

Overall, the emergence of large rental companies has had both advantages and drawbacks. While they have been able to offer competitive prices and a wide range of vehicles, their success has also led to a decrease in competition, service provided, and higher prices for customers. In this case, the marketplace business model has the potential to fundamentally change the industry’s landscape.

Evgeny Kotchetkov, CEO of GetRentacar.com, states “We are literally revolutionizing the car rental industry and solving problems caused by huge aggregators and rental empires. A car rental marketplace like GetRentacar.com offers many advantages over an offline agency, such as convenience, choice, competitive pricing, and flexibility. We allow customers to compare prices and find the right car owner, by reading reviews and ratings. Our ultimate goal is to make the car rental process smooth and easy for our customers and we’re committed to delivering outstanding service.”.

There are five advantages that enable the platform to revolutionize the industry and its operations:

1. Speed of processing requests: GetRentacar.com’s fast response time for processing requests sets it apart from traditional car rental services. Once a customer submits a request to rent a car, the support team will contact them within a time frame of 1-7 minutes, depending on demand.
2. Convenience: customers are able to browse and compare a variety of rental options from the comfort of their own location, whether it be at home or on the go.
3. Wider Selection: the platform offers an extensive range of rental cars, comprising various manufacturers, models, and styles, which enable customers to find the ideal car for their specific needs.
4. Better Prices: the marketplace strives to keep rental prices competitive, enabling car owners to avoid paying excessive fees, while also allowing customers to access appealing rental rates.
5. 24/7 Support Team available in 20+ languages all over the globe.

About GetRentacar.com

GetRentacar.com is revolutionizing the way people rent cars and motorbikes. Its innovative auction engine uses machine learning to provide customers with the best prices and terms from local vehicle owners in over 100 countries. With a fleet of over 60,000 cars and 10,000 motorbikes, it is the world’s leading market for renting vehicles at unbeatable prices.


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