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Cameroon gospel artist DD Junior Alpha Has Released a Brand New EP ‘ORIGINAL ME’



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Sudouest, Cameroon Mar 2, 2023 ( – People who believe in God tend to live a better and more fulfilled life. Faith in God and the Almighty can inspire many aspects of life, especially when it comes to expressing oneself through art. Music has always been the most popular art form and one of the most popular creative ways a person can express one’s emotions. Following this, Cameroon gospel artist DD Junior Alpha is giving a peek into his world of faith with his latest music. He has recently released a brand new EP titled ‘ORIGINAL ME’. This is a collection of musical pieces completely dedicated to his growth over the years, his journey with god, and his faith in the almighty. It was done with the help of a bigger brother who is also a producer, Sylvester N. Kofi of grace sound music. He took part fully in the production process and ensure that the work was to standard.

So when an artist has faith it is reflected in the music that he or she makes. This is what gave birth to the genre of the Gospel. The genre of Gospel music is a part of traditional Christian music, more like a genre itself. When an artist is interested in Gospel music and starts to make tracks and songs in the genre, it usually comes from a place of religion, belief in Christ, or purely for aesthetic or ceremonial purposes. While making records for his freshly released EP, DD Junior Alpha also wanted to showcase his belief and faith, and the result is successful in every bit. The artist has been an active follower of Christianity since he was a child. Born in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, on the 10th of October 1997, the artist has found music to be his one true passion besides his spiritualism and belief in God.

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Originally known as Divine Etama Elumba, the artist is the oldest in the family with 5 children. Music is something that has always inspired him since his childhood which is why he grew up to become a musician, where his talent for songwriting and composition also flourished. On top of that, becoming a worship leader has impacted the musical style he is composing and singing. Hence the gospel genre is the perfect fit for the artist and his comfort with his faith and Christianity can be seen in the musical pieces in his EP. ‘ORIGINAL ME’ is a beautifully crafted and composed EP that is not only passionate to hear but will give the audience a cinematic experience.

The artist is currently based in Dubai where besides going forward with his music career, he works as a music coordinator alongside managing his recording studio.”Legit Production”. With an aim for Kingdom Advancement, the artist has also gained praise and recognition for his craft which he has won and has been nominated for several awards. This includes winning Best Gospel Artist of the year 2021 with his hit Song My “Ebenezer” and ranking in the list of Best Gospel Artists in 2022. Promoting his spirituality and culture through his music, this EP ‘ORIGINAL ME’ can become the artist’s most streamed album in his discography. You can support him in his journey and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and his website for more insights.

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