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With Two New Tracks to His Repertoire, Abu$H አቡሽ Gives Playlists A Massive Makeover


The young and talented music artist from Paris Abu$h አቡሽ has recently released two enthralling new tracks ‘EA Sports (Elevator Anxiety)’ and ‘Hyperbolic Time Chamber (HTC)’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Paris, France Mar 16, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Vastly emotive and atmospheric production comes together in a refreshing journey into the contemporary stylings and thoughtful depths in the two new tracks of Abu$h , ‘EA Sports (Elevator Anxiety)’ and ‘Hyperbolic Time Chamber (HTC)’. Each of the two tracks stands tall on a distinctive sound design of its own but portrays the common aspect of their creator’s artistic sublimity. The rhythmic hooks with the bold maneuverings of industrial elements build up a massively ambient landscape, setting the mood on a gritty note and enveloping the audience completely. Amid the hard-hitting instrumentalism, a hint of emotive vulnerability finds its way in the subtle meandering toward softer zones, and the tracks as wholes become expressive outpours of the artist.

‘EA Sports (Elevator Anxiety)’ opens with an intriguing intro of heartbeats and then gives way to the track to reveal itself in its full glory. ‘Hyperbolic Time Chamber (HTC)’ on the other hand begins with a groove that brings to mind something out of a sci-fi movie and creates an intrepid track infused with engaging instrumentation. What stands out about the music that Abu$h is his fearless experimentation that gives his tracks a striking authenticity that becomes the trademark of the artist. With his innovative outlook toward the world of music, this young producer from Paris has strongly placed his footing toward making an unwavering mark in the Vaporwave genre. Check out more of his amazing creations like ‘Waiting Room’ and ‘Aldo Maccione’ by hopping into Spotify. His tracks are also available for streaming on YouTube and Apple Music. Follow him on Instagram for more updates.

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