Educational and Intriguing: Sana Malim’s First Published Venture ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ Was Truly Fascinating


Pop Pop Pop by Sana Malim

This is a book written by Sana Malim, a mother of two, who was inspired by her daughters. ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ is this strong and charming writer’s first published venture.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Milton, Ontario Mar 21, 2023 ( – Enchanting and enlightening, Sana Malim’s exceptionally written book Pop! Pop! Pop! is an impressive children’s picture book that has an adorable and engaging storyline. Coming from a hard-working Canadian-Pakistani family, Sana always found herself writing short stories in her childhood. Becoming a mother has helped her to understand a toddlers’ wild and free imagination, as she herself claims that it was her daughters behind the inspiration for this book. Nardin Hany is a worthy illustrator for offering seamlessly soothing colors, and cute characters to Sana’s story.

This book, ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’, shares the story of Noor and Leena. They both love popping bubbles. According to these adorable girls, “the bigger the bubble, the better it is to pop,” and in this search for this thrill, they get trapped inside of a huge bubble. Once the bubble drifts away, there is only one friendly acquaintance who helps them. There is an inspiring and vital lesson in the book that if you show a little compassion to others, it might help you in the long run. A lesson on compassion is an extremely essential lesson that every child ought to learn.

Hopefully, Sana will continue to amaze readers with her creative generosity in the future with more publications. “Pop! Pop! Pop!” is available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, and   It retails for about $20.

You can learn more about Sana from her website, or her Instagram handle: @selfcarewithsana

Read this children’s special book ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ by the author Sana Malim:

Pop Pop Pop by Sana Malim


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