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Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes is celebrating Mothers’ Day with his ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’


Mothers LoveVol3 by O Neill Fernandes

This eminent Pop music artist from Perth is celebrating Mother’s Day with his album ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’. In each 21 track, O’Neill Fernandes has been ecstatic.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Perth, Western Australia May 10, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Based out of Perth, Australia, O’Neill Fernandes has always been one of the excellent music artists of this age. After achieving a lot in his corporate career, now he is willing to win over this world of music with his flawless music skills. His latest release Mother’s Love…Vol.3 is truly a fascinating musical concoction where the world has come together along with 21 impressive numbers, dedicated to the mothers of this world. The album starts with the single Love, a charmingly covered number by the Nat King Cole for his 1965 studio Album ‘L.O.V.E.’. By keeping the essence intact, he offered an ecstatic rendition of this evergreen number.

Another brilliant rendition from ‘Waikiki Wedding’ track Blue Hawaii is here in this album and to make this album more enticing he offers incredible numbers like ‘La Mer’, ‘El Bimbo’, ‘Raunchy Guitar’, ‘At Seven In The Morning’, ‘Walkin’ In The Sunshine’, and many other. He is one of the brilliant music artists with his self-taught skills and exemplary music catalog that describes his flawless talents. This Pop music artist from Perth is one of the most incredible human beings who offered the best for his audience. Being truly fascinating and highly engaging his releases are the best when you are willing to enjoy some alone time.

On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, he dropped this album to honor his mother Pam, and his late mother-in-law Hilda. And this album ‘Mother’s Love…Vol.3’ has the favorite tracks of both of his beloved and respected moms. Whether it is Nat King Cole’s ‘Love’ or ‘Blue Hawaii’ from ‘Waikiki Wedding’, his treatments of these numbers are widely fascinating and highly compelling. His works are a motivation for those who love music, and he is a keen admirer of music. In this fast-paced world music is the only thing that can seize time. For more follow O’Neill Fernandes on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

Check out the latest album dedicated to all the Mothers by O’Neill Fernandes:


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