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Hong Kong, Nov 16, 2022 ( – PYPROXY, an emerging proxy service provider, has released its latest type of package lately.

People are more and more concerned about online security nowadays. They prefer to use a proxy to hide their real IP. Apart from personal use, some companies need to do web scrapping and proxies and proxies can help them grab more accurate data. PYPROXY came into being under this demand.

PYPROXY has rotating residential proxies and static ISP proxies when it was released first. It attracted customers from all over the world and got loads of positive feedback as a result. The residential proxies plan, which is the more popular one, is charged by traffic consumption on PYPROXY.

Customers gave PYPROXY a lot of advice and most of them were updated later then. One of the suggestions which were mentioned a lot is the unlimited package. Many customers are willing to pay for monthly subscriptions without bandwidth limitations.

To satisfy this need, PYPROXY Team releases their unlimited package this month after careful consideration and detailed discussion. They offer daily, weekly, and two-week subscriptions except for monthly subscriptions, to satisfy different needs of using periods. The original price is $5000 for a one-month unlimited package. However, to thank customers for their support all the time, PYPROXY has made it 40% off on this package, which is $3000 for a one-month unlimited package.

Most of the functions in the traffic package have been reserved in the unlimited package, despite the country being random. Customers can still choose a whitelist or credential to authenticate proxies and set the IP duration in credential authentication. Therefore, the package is suitable for those who don’t care about the country of the IP and are in need of a large amount of traffic.

“We would do our best to upgrade our product for our customers.” says a member of the PYPROXY team.

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