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BLAH Expands its network across South East Asia

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Auckland, New Zealand Mar 21, 2023 ( – BLAH has created a free marketplace for the hospitality industry BLAH is bringing buyers and sellers together by creating a free marketplace across the hospitality industry: The BLAH marketplace aims to be a neutral space where customers, or buyers, who want to book hotel rooms, or sellers, who possess the commodity or service, want to sell them directly. In simple terms, BLAH is a direct booking extension/channel for hotels, wherein customers who are looking for a great value deal will never be…

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Chinese GovernmentChanges for Overseas Study: Students Flock to Sydney for Affordable Accommodation

Making the Most of Your Money: Finding Affordable Student Housing in Sydney for Chinese Students (YorkPedia Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Jan 30, 2023 ( – Student Accommodation Sydney is proud to offer a range of student housing options for international students in Sydney. With seven convenient locations near the main universities, students can find the perfect place to call home while they study. The Chinese government has recently stated that Chinese students cannot study with overseas universities online and must attend a physical university. As the academic year approaches, this has…

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TAB Street is excited to announce a milestone of 5000 vetted food allergy and gluten free listings

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Baltimore, Maryland Jan 3, 2023 ( – TAB Street is excited to announce that we have reached a milestone number of over 5000 vetted listings of food allergy and gluten-free vetted restaurants, bakeries, and more. We verify all listings at the time of entry for food allergy listings, gluten-free also adds other special diet information when we find it. We know that for most people, making a choice to eat out is sometimes just deciding what they are in the mood for, but when you have food allergies that choice…

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How Xiongmao Digital Expands Hospitality Business in the Middle East with Chinese community

Xiongmao Digital is a leading technology and digital marketing provider in the hospitality and luxury industry, with a strong focus on the chinese community. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dec 8, 2022 ( – The company has been operational for over 2 years and has helped expand many businesses in the Middle East region. Xiongmao Digital provides a complete end-to-end solution for hospitality businesses, from online bookings marketing, and check-ins to in-room entertainment and housekeeping customer journey. The company also offers a wide range of services such as marketing, loyalty programs,…

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Chris August MSI Surfaces, Solving Multifamily Construction Delays

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Texas Oct 17, 2022 ( – Commercial and multifamily starts are up as much as 70% in many parts of the country. However, with budgets tightening and the supply chain still rebounding will the project be halted yet once again? Chris August with MSI Surfaces recently said, “So many of the construction delays and material price increases from the global supply chain nightmare we have all lived through in recent years could have been avoided.” MSI Surfaces has been a leading distributor of flooring, countertops, wall tile, and hardscaping…

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Plan a budget-friendly wedding in Jim Corbett

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ramnagar, Uttarakhand Oct 11, 2022 ( – Seven Corbett is one of the luxurious resorts in Jim Corbett that allows you to plan the most successful events and happy stays of your life. They have a team of professional planners, caterers, decorators, and all that can help with the organization of a celebration that becomes the most memorable. The guests at the resort always return with smiling faces because of the phenomenal services they offer. Happy stay calls for quality location and quality services as well. Therefore, the Seven Corbett resort…

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Creating insect-free spaces without the toxicity – How Repeltec’s new approach is changing Pest Control in 2022

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Helsinki, Uusimaa Aug 25, 2022 ( – Harnessing controlled release technology with a friendly active ingredient that is commonly found in skin lotions, Repeltec (developed by Europe-based AFFIX Labs) is an innovative new series of products that keep insects away for months in most environments. Repeltec’s repellent effect differs from traditional kill-on-contact pesticides, and with additional benefits such as a long-lasting area effect that targets both crawling and flying insects, it is an exciting new preventative solution for pest control. The demand for less toxic products is by this…

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New Fix To The Old Plastic Straws Problem

Plastic straws have been an integral part of our daily life for years. For some people, they bring back all kinds of memories, for others, they’re simply a must-have for a mojito. In any case, we have all used plastic straws at some point. (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Aug 18, 2022 ( – Plastic straws have been an integral part of our daily life for years. For some people, they bring back all kinds of memories, for others, they’re simply a must-have for a mojito. In any case, we have all…

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NY / NJ Elevator Co. Appoints Michael Frangias as CEO

With NY / NJ Elevator Co.’s continuing growth we welcome Michael Frangias to our expanding team. New York City, Aug 13, 2022 ( – New York and New Jersey-based “NY / NJ Elevator Co.”, has announced Michael Frangias will be stepping into the CEO position. Mr. Frangias is charged with the immediate opening and structuring of their new Miami Florida Branch named “FL Elevator Co.” NY / NJ Elevator Co. is a Local #1 IUEC woman-owned company. She has successfully completed many notable projects this year including the modernization of the Hyatt Place…

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Keynotes Announced for Women in Tourism and Hospitality National Conference in San Diego

  Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta, California State Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath, and Hyatt Corporation Tyronne Stoudemire, VP Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion   (YorkPedia Editorial):- San Diego, California Jul 27, 2022 ( – The second annual national conference for Women in Tourism and Hospitality (WITH) will convene at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina on Sept. 8-9, 2022. The overarching mission is to inspire, educate and empower women to grow, prosper and advance their careers. The conference will highlight cutting-edge strategies through presentations, panel discussions, and exhibitions. The 6th Annual…

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