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Groce, Rose – Moore Announce Revolutionary Device for Human Acoustic Diagnostics

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Spartanburg, South Carolina Sep 16, 2023 ( – Groce, Rose & Moore, LLC Robert Hodges Senior Executive Advisor WhatsApp 65.8198.9684 [email protected] Revolutionary Device for Human Acoustic Diagnostics Groce, Rose & Moore, LLC announced today that their client is the first to successfully develop and produce diagnostic devices for pathologies of the middle ear to improve access and the quality of audiology health. Their vision is to transform audiology diagnostics in order to provide more precise and targeted therapies in human and veterinary markets. They hold various patents in audiology allowing…

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Tadworth Company Limited agrees with report that the Lithium Industry Will Grow Tenfold Between 2023 and 2033

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. May 22, 2023 ( – A report from Research and Markets said: “Due to the strict rules that ICE automakers must adhere to in order to minimize carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles, the automotive application market is predicted to increase significantly over the course of the projection period. This has caused automakers to become more interested in creating EVs, which is expected to increase demand for lithium and related goods. Together with investments in this area, government subsidies for EVs are projected to serve as…

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HTX Energy pursue fast charging lithium-ion batteries

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Buenos Aires, Argentina Mar 17, 2023 ( – Researchers at HTX Energy have synthesized a lithium polymer binder for graphite anodes to help improve Li-ion diffusion and lower impedance compared to conventional batteries.  “Lithium-ion batteries dominate among energy storage and improving battery performance is a constantly developing research field” – Commented a research scientist at HTX labs, Argentina. Super fast charging batteries. For the fast-charging ability in batteries to work, researchers must enhance the mass transfer of electrolytes and charge transfer in electrodes.  Using a specialist binder material leads to high conductivity, low impedance, and good stability. Overall a much faster charging and longer-lasting…

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With the Copper Crunch Still Looming, Keep an Eye on Trigon Metals

As the race to renewables heats up the demand for electrification, the increasing demands for copper are set to lead us deep into a copper crunch. Exacerbating the situation are political tensions in large copper-producing nations. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Mar 19, 2023 ( – We’ve been hearing about the demands that the race toward electrification and renewable energy will place on copper for a while. However, looking at the price data alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking this theory is far from playing out. Unfortunately, price data alone doesn’t tell…

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Save Wildlife and Prevent Climate Change While Earning Passive Income with Chimpzee!

New Chimpzee web3 project empowers users to earn a passive income while helping to fight climate change and saving animals. (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Mar 17, 2023 ( – The Web3 sector has birthed countless projects, from in-depth metaverses all the way to move-to-earn fitness lifestyle applications. However, the industry has so much more potential, with the ability to make positive contributions to the world if implemented correctly. Chimpzee is on a mission to prove to everybody that Web3 can be utilized for the greater good while providing earning potential for…

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Lithium-air battery research from Kess Energy

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Vicosa do Ceara, Ceara Mar 16, 2023 ( – The lithium-oxygen (Li-O2) battery, consisting of Li-metal and a porous conductive framework as its electrode, releases energy from the reaction of lithium and oxygen in the air. The new technology research could provide much greater energy storage than the conventional lithium-ion battery making the battery life and storage up to 35% more efficient. It will also deliver greatly improved cycle stability and functionality. The designed electrolytes provide new benchmark formulations that will support ongoing experiments within the research department which will enable the understanding and development of new technologies. The potential  The benefits…

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Melega Ecosystem Join Forces With TreeNity Space to Advance the Green Revolution

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Istanbul, Turkey Mar 16, 2023 ( – The top decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform MelegaSwap and its marketing arm, Melega Space, have teamed up with TreeNity Space, a cryptocurrency initiative with an environmental focus that seeks to make the planet greener and healthier for the current and future generations. TreeNity leverages distributed ledger technology (DLT), usually referred to as blockchain, to build a transparent, sustainable ecosystem that motivates individuals and groups to safeguard the rainforest and strive toward a more environmentally friendly future. It remains a fact that deforestation, wildfires, forest…

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Ordinary Citizen Project – New Digital Currency Launches to Empower Small-time Investors

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 16, 2023 ( – Ordinary Citizen Project (OCP (token)), a blockchain-based technology startup, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary new digital currency aimed at empowering everyday investors. This currency has been specifically designed to disrupt the current landscape of cryptocurrency investments which are often dominated by a small group of large-scale investors known as whales. Ordinary Citizen Project recognizes that many individuals, especially those with limited resources, have been effectively shut out of the cryptocurrency market by the disproportionate advantage held…

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Commentary on the recent activities surrounding Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Mar 14, 2023 ( – W3S Group looks at the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the subsequent bailout by the US government and the implications for the crypto market. SVB was a prominent player in the banking industry, hosting money from startups, venture capitalists, and tech firms, including many crypto-related businesses. The bank’s failure could have resulted in a domino effect, triggering a chain reaction of bankruptcies in the tech sector, including many defi and blockchain projects. In fact for a short period of time…

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Scoot Mortgage Ranked as Best Home Loan Company Serving Columbus and Pittsburgh

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Columbus, Ohio Mar 14, 2023 ( – A mortgage is one of the most important investments one can make in purchasing a new home, and buyers want to pick a company that will help them get the best deal possible. A good mortgage broker can save money in the long run by offering competitive interest rates and excellent customer service. That’s where Scoot Mortgage comes in. Scoot Mortgage, considered by many to be the best mortgage broker serving Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, is specialized in finding home buyers a…

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