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Covid Delayed Major USA Kart Racing Championship Goes Mobile!

Virtual Las Vegas, Baby: SKUSA Motorsport Championship Turns To Mobile in Partnership With Leading Mobile Racing Game (YorkPedia Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nov 27, 2020 ( – Street Kart Racing, a leading mobile racing game developer, today announced the launch of the Virtual Supernats, “Virtual Las Vegas” a special in-game event in partnership with SKUSA, the organisers of main North American kart racing event of the year the ‘Supernats’, after Covid postpones the real life event.   Developed by the Street Kart Racing team, the mobile game hits the track today on the…

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Design AirPods Protects Pods Like a Pro

Custom AirPod Cases Delivered Free in the USA (YorkPedia Editorial):- Hawthorne, Nov 17, 2020 ( – Just like iPhones, it’s a great idea to cover up your Apple AirPods in a protective case. Minimize any shocks from accidental drops or Urkel type moments with that peace of mind there is an extra layer of protection securing your expensive wireless earphones.  Design AirPods cases and accessories are all customizable. In seconds add any image or text, plus we have a massive range of text colors, fonts, emoji’s and icons ready to personalize your AirPods or…

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A Blockchain-based Real Estate Project Is Rewriting The Narrative Of The 2008 Housing Crisis.

A Blockchain-based Real Estate Project Is Rewriting The Narrative Of The 2008 Housing Crisis. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Anaheim, Sep 4, 2020 ( – Asset tokenization is fast becoming a buzzword in the real estate industry as a Funder One Capital, a real estate company is now tokenizing real estate products using blockchain technology and AI capabilities. The company is founded on the strength of cutting edge technologies designed to mitigate risk in the housing sector. Looking back in history, the burst of the 2008 housing bubbles was mastermind by the inability of homeowners…

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Winsshi: World’s first decentralized gaming platform.

The World Is Your Playground (YorkPedia Editorial):- Delhi, Aug 24, 2020 ( – Yet again in 2020, the world takes its attention to the blockchain as the Coronavirus devastates the economy, and investors seek a safe haven for their investments. This time a whole lot has been on the top radar of today’s investors. Top of the list recently has been DeFi {Decentralized Finance} which has crossed a market cap of over $10bn since becoming a central focus and rave of the moment. More attention in various industries is coming into the…

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All-in-One iOS Manager Toolkit is Offered by Leawo with 40% Off Discount During Summer Promotion

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Shenzhen, Jul 31, 2020 ( – Leawo Software is a professional multimedia software developer that focuses on media dissemination and utility software. During the period of summer special sales campaign, the All-in-One iOS manager toolkit is offered with a 40% off discount, which is one of the top-seller toolkits of Leawo software. Consisted of 3 independent programs – iTransfer, Music Recorder and Tunes Cleaner, Leawo All-in-One iOS Manager is an ideal toolkit to help you transfer iOS data for backup, record online and offline music, clean up iTunes music library and…

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Don’t Worry Tik-tokers, Use B-Byte as alternative of tik-tok

b-byte is direct replacement of TikTok which is not preferred by world at large in general, given present scenario. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Noida, Jul 6, 2020 ( – Don’t Worry Tik-tokers Finally, B-BYTE team is up with the alternate of tik-tok, B-BYTE named Indian video creation app which is officially launched on Play Store and will be launching on App Store super soon. The team is working really hard to add more and more updates and features. This app is up with a lot of new opportunities for tik-toker’s to be known as…

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The SBCM Platform is holding an ICO for SB Coin on June 15

The SBCM Platform is holding an ICO for SB Coin on June 15 (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, Jun 6, 2020 ( – The SBCM Platform is holding an ICO for SB Coin on June 15 The SBMC is the world’s most advanced crypto exchange. It will offer support for multiple crypto exchanges. On the exchange, professional traders and newbies will have access to the tradingview tool that allows them to make the most informed trading decisions. High Liquidity Book On SBMC, access to high liquidity will be a priority. The platform has several…

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StayAtHome: A New Mobile Application to Gamify Home Stay During Lockdown

(YorkPedia Editorial):- West Sussex, Apr 18, 2020 ( – Mobile software specialists, Metricell, have released a new mobile application designed to encourage people to stay at home during these times of restricted mobility. Around the world, we are unified by the objective to reduce infection levels and buy the time required to develop vaccines and reduce the pressure on healthcare systems. A third of the global population are currently under ‘lockdown’ measures mandating that as many people as possible remain in their homes for the good of us all. This free application,…

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