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Guruobserver offers independent, focused and well-researched press releases and news. We offer complete coverage of vital news, sales, events, services, company and even launch releases.

Guruobserver is known best for publishing regular sponsored guest posts to all our readers. We give a comprehensive picture of the latest releases and news. Have some important and unique news to provide? Feel free to contact us.

Follow our best instruction for your news and blog posts

Relevant Content: Successful online content always has a compact and clear message to convey. It is communicated in a simple way among people. So proofread your rough sketch of writing before sending to us.

Work on the title: Title plays an important role in the success and failure of your content. In order to show your worth among people, create an attractive title within 10 words.

Subtitle: This is the optional part, but supporting your headline with excellent subtitle interests readers to go through your posts.

Significant tagging: If you want proper Google distribution of your content, send us tags of your article. But see that it is not over the top.

Appropriate Link: You can easily send us your link and mostly 4 links are permitted. If we find they are relevant, we promise to keep them. You can have 1dofollow.

Photos: When you are sending your press releases and news in PNG and JPEG layout, make sure to send us your photo. Maximum, we allow 4 photos and edit them according to the requirement of your post.

Lawful: It is your responsibility to ensure that all information in your content is accurate so that any professional claims can be met.


Great Headline- Sum up the reason for your release and news and make it to the point. Don’t capitalize random verbs and words.

Create Summary- We need a short summary of about 160 characters.

Date- The date that appears in your article is the date we issue on our site.

The first paragraph- Make sure to punch your idea at the very first paragraph as people tend to read it more often. 3-4 sentences are enough to do the work.

Length- Try to keep the length of your content within 300-500 words.

Editorial- You must provide the actual type of information to us about your requirement and it should be between 300, 450 to 600 words. After getting your content we will make the required editing.

Contact information- Give your proper contact name of people who will respond to researches through phone or email.

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