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Quarter of Morris County businesses still using “dangerous” Windows 7

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Parsippany-Troy Hills, Sep 1, 2020 ( – New data has revealed an estimated quarter of businesses in Morris County are still using an out of date computer operating system – which is now a major target for hackers. Windows 7 reached the end of its life in January this year and was discontinued by Microsoft. But recent data from research company Net Applications reveals that Windows 7 is still being used on 23.4% of all PCs. “Any Morris County business that’s using Windows 7 on even a single machine is…

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Experience the drawn-out effect of Weston Brown’s spine-chilling instrumental soundtracks on Spotify

The immensely popular musician Weston Brown, for the art of creating ambient music and thematic soundtracks, has produced two tracks featuring in the new film. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Tucson, Sep 1, 2020 ( – If you are bored with the raucous ambient instrumentation that makes you hyperactive and anxious every time you plug your headphones on, then you need to know about a different music genre that is more soothing and cathartic. Weston Brown from California is a healing meditation music producer who brings eternal solace through the waves of conciliatory melodies. He adorns his…

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BabyRay Indulges the Fans with her Soulful Singing and Eloquent Lyricism in her Enticing Melodic Collection

Prolific R&B artist BabyRay’s soulful resonating collection combines elements of pop, funk, and even electronic music to produce the most ethereal beats ever made. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Sep 1, 2020 ( – Opulent with enticing jazzy flavors, the genre of rhythm & blues ooze of blissful melodic resonance that is exceptionally rare in other musical forms. Well-seasoned R&B performer BabyRay has proved to be equally exceptional like her niche genre presenting her outstanding singing dexterity to the world. Her heart-rending soundtrack ‘Trust’ is the definition of true R&B flavors with a hint of her…

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Meet Decio a.k.a. The Grind King

Super music producer, top promoter, graphics designer and clothing fashion expert has become the grist of the moment as he continues to recount successes and overwhelm anticipations from numerous fans and customers across the globe. (YorkPedia Editorial):- El Dorado, Sep 1, 2020 ( – Decio aka “GrindKing” is an El Dorado, Arkansas born Music Artist/Graphic Designer/Producer/Promoter, CEO/Owner of Frawr Clothing Brand, Founder of Grind King Executives and gifted Graphics Designer at Eye Of Decio with a zeal to improve and induce a new line of music in the 21st Century. -The Gifted…

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Omaida C. Velázquez, MD, FACS, a Vascular Surgeon with the University of Miami Health System, Jackson Health System – th

Get to know Vascular Surgeon Dr. Omaida C. Velázquez, who serves patients in Miami, Florida. (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Sep 1, 2020 ( – Dr. Velázquez is a respected, board-certified vascular surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Her clinical expertise focuses on endovascular and other minimally invasive approaches in the surgical treatment of vascular diseases. She has extensive expertise in both open and endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms, open and endovascular treatments for carotid, mesenteric, and renal stenosis, as well as novel treatments for critical…

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The Award-Winning Film You Need this Election Season is Streaming Now

THE DIVISIBLE premieres worldwide on YouTube today. An interracial couple fights to protect their son in a dystopian nation deeply divided by race. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 1, 2020 ( – In a land where division abounds, and structures we once relied on are coming apart at the seams, it takes courage to ask:  “What is it that truly divides the people of this nation?” and “What will it take to unite us?”    THE DIVISIBLE is a multi-award winning film which has its World Premiere on YouTube today, tackling the…

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Promote Youtube Videos Online to Grow the Audience with Advanced Marketing Services

  Videoipsum has announced its best schemes to help out people with exciting video promotional ideas. According to the promotional head, Youtube has become a big platform to make a solid prominence in one shot. Therefore, the upcoming artists and video bloggers are eager to find a clue on how to sketch their career with instant success. Well, popularity does not necessarily come from authentic content or ravishing creativity, it comes from smart strategies and tight-scheduled promotions. Hence, this promotional hub has thought something new for you following which you…

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Pros And Cons Of No Money Down Car Insurance

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Aug 31, 2020 ( – Having a car is a necessity nowadays and you are going to need your car for many reasons and for any means of transportation. In view of that, having car insurance is also necessary but choosing the right insurance coverage for your car is no easy task. If you don’t have enough money to pay for the high-priced down payment that most companies required you to pay then you should get car insurance with no money down as it will give you the…

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