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Music promotion Club Delivers Real SoundCloud Promotion for Musicians

Passionate singers often don’t get the visibility they should have without any effective music marketing. If they want to get organically popular in the market, they must use real SoundCloud promotion. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Feb 19, 2021 ( – Upcoming musicians and professional artists on Soundcloud can enjoy various real SoundCloud promotion services available on the biggest online music marketing network Music promotion club. The website has brought several successful music promotional offers for the new faces in the industry. Popular artists also suggest that having music promotions helps each artist in the long…

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Bitcoin Mixer – Coinomize and its Benefits

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Albertville, Alabama Feb 18, 2021 ( – Considering bitcoin’s growing popularity, it’s hard to underestimate the need for bitcoin mixers. They greatly enhance bitcoin’s overall functionality and provide the long-expected privacy. Without mixers, bitcoin is simply less useful. Bitcoin mixers are a great way to anonymize your funds, make them truly untraceable. This becomes particularly relevant in the era of global surveillance. One major drawback that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has is that it’s neither anonymous nor completely private. The funds still are easily visible on the public blockchain. Which means,…

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ESSNPS launches Engineering Strategic Sourcing Supply and Procurement Services

A dedicated one-stop-shop for professional equipment sourcing services from India for global enterprises. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Pune, Maharashtra Feb 18, 2021 ( – Sourcing and procurement are central to successfully manage a business in general, manufacturing in particular. A successful sourcing strategy calls for a well-established supplier who can meet the requirements in terms of cost, quality, and deadlines. This is easier said than done. Now ESSNPS, a Pune, India brand owned by (an American multinational company) with decades of experience in the sourcing and procurement field, has launched a dedicated website for…

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KD-Staffing Announces Permanent and Full-Time Medical Staffing Services at Affordable Rates

Healthcare Leadership award 2019 (YorkPedia Editorial):- Plano, Texas Feb 18, 2021 ( – KD-Staffing Announces Permanent and Full-Time Medical Staffing Services at Affordable Rates This company helps hospitals get the right staff to manage their facility and ensure success. Clients can get access to healthcare professionals seeking job opportunities in various states Plano, Texas: Every healthcare organization deserves the best when it comes to staffing. After all, they are the engine that keeps the facility going. That’s why KD-Staffing is announcing their permanent and full-time medical staffing services to help hospitals get…

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Priyanka Kuumar is on a mission to take numerology to the masses!

First time offers numerology services in the hinterland, across the country (YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Feb 17, 2021 ( – In a country where the more famous Numerologists focus only on the rich and elite, Mumbai-based Numerologist, Mrs. Priyanka Kuumar has taken it upon her to reach the benefits of the science of numerology to the masses of this country.  Through her brand Numberwrks (, she aims to take the benefits of Numerology to each and every person across the country. Her biggest USP is that her services to people cost just…

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Tallahassee, wrongful deaths and injuries at “The Dwellings” a Low-Income Housing project, due to CO2 poisoning

Tallahassee, A gross negligence lawsuit has been filed against Mitsubishi Electric and the architects of the 3-year-old housing facility called “The Dwellings”. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Doral, Florida Feb 11, 2021 ( – MITSUBISHI AND TALLAHASSEE ‘TINY HOME’ COMMUNITY FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEGED SUED FOR WRONGFUL DEATH AND MULTITUDE OF INJURIES DUE TO MOLD, CO2 OVER-EXPOSURE, AND LACK OF VENTILATION Tallahassee, A gross negligence lawsuit has been filed against Mitsubishi Electric and the architects of the 3-year-old housing facility called “The Dwellings.” “The Dwellings” are a collection of tiny homes advertised as safe homes for…

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Computers Finance Services Technology integrates Tron as Ethereum fees are raising

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Feb 2, 2021 ( –, the blockchain API service provider, has recently integrated Tron into its ecosystem due to the rising Ethereum fees. Since the use cases of Chaingateway are linked with transactions, the Ethereum blockchain was turning out to be a little too expensive for the users and businesses. This is why the startup integrated Tron, a marginally superior blockchain in terms of TPS (Transactions per second) and fee, into their ecosystem for a better and smoother financial user experience. Chaingateway is basically a blockchain startup…

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Videoipsum – The Best YouTube Video Promotion Company Offers Real Engagement

Boost your video with millions of views and likes by letting the best YouTube video promotion Company showcase your talent across the world to your target audience. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Buffalo, New York Feb 1, 2021 ( – Videoipsum has established its reputation as the most trusted agency for YouTube music video promotion. Regardless of your music genre and how you grip YouTube videos, the YouTube video promotion Company can readily help your video reach a wider audience base. This way it immediately establishes the video as a popular one at the top…

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Raju Hirani launches the First book of the World’s First Image Scientist Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal on the eve of Republic Day

Dr. Kuiljeit’s contribution towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat and a more socially conditioned and evolved global society. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Pune, Maharashtra Jan 29, 2021 ( – The World’s First Image Scientist and Karmaveer Chakra Awardee Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal released her first-ever book in the science of PRIM (Persona & Image Management) on the eve of the 72nd Republic Day of India. The book titled ‘PRIM & POWERFUL’, was officially launched digitally, by the renowned film director and one of the biggest creative geniuses of Indian cinema, Mr. Rajkumar Hirani.  Congratulating Dr. Kuiljeit for her…

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Service industry workers confused and uncertain over customer face masks issue

A new survey has revealed there’s widespread confusion among employees in the service industry over how to handle customers who refuse to wear masks. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 28, 2021 ( – More than half of the customer-facing workers (58 percent) in California surveyed by online staff training platform Canity said they feel uncomfortable serving customers who refuse to don face coverings.   However, only half had been offered training in how to handle the issue, meaning frontline workers operating in an already uncertain environment are regularly being exposed to…

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