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Grab before its Gone! Music promotion Club’s 15% Discount on YouTube Music Video Promotion Will End on 13th April

Music Promotion Club is offering a flat 15% off on its YouTube Music Video Promotion for the Good Friday sale so take the chance today before it ends on 13th April. YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform online and around 3.7m new videos are uploaded to the platform every day. This means that around 271,330 hours of video content get uploaded to the video streaming platform making it one of the most competitive digital platforms, and music, the most competitive content genre. This is why Music Promotion Club’s services…

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Music Promotion Club is Offering a 15% Sale Celebrating World Music Day to Promote SoundCloud Tracks

Obtain a huge number of plays when you promote SoundCloud tracks on this year’s World Music Day with Music Promotion Club, offering high-quality music marketing service at a great discount. World Music Day was on June 21st and to celebrate the day, the world-renowned music marketing agency Music Promotion Club has been offering an incredible discount on all their services and packages starting from June 20th to June 25th. The company specializes in promoting SoundCloud music and they are offering an unbelievable discount of 15% on their SoundCloud music marketing packages. We…

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Music Promotion Club is Offering a Golden Opportunity to Promote Your SoundCloud Music

Gain an exponential amount of organic exposure with the Music Promotion Club and its music promotion services. With the agency, you can promote your SoundCloud music hassle-free at a nominal pricing system. SoundCloud is perhaps the most potent musical platform where millions of music artists try to pave their musical careers. However, the constant growth of the music industry and the increasing competition for listeners are making it very difficult for beginners on this platform. No more worries, as Music Promotion Club has come up with top-notch promotional packages based on SoundCloud…

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Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

Most parents with toddlers hardly find time to rest because they are constantly taking care of their babies. In fact, most parents will tell you that they actually don’t remember the last time they had a good night sleep. Just the moment you go to the bed to rest, your child wakes up and demands your attention. Breastfeeding mothers need to get enough sleep in order to give their children proper care and attention. However, that is a luxury that only a few parents enjoy. So are you frustrated because…

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Dennis J Binder Jr. Gives Detailed Analysis on Taxation in ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS ? Revised Edition’

high rate of taxes is not the new scenario. People, especially the middle class and poor, across different parts of the world have faced issues with excessive tax rates. The problem has been raised before by several economists worldwide, however, the book ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised edition’ by Dennis L Binder Jr. has not only addressed the problem but also come up with some genuine and rational solutions of them. Of course, taxation is the government’s one of strongest sources of income. But, the toll of…

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Textile Exports Are Facing A 20% Of Loss Due To Gas Shortage In Pakistan

    The most important export industry in Pakistan is textile. And the gas shortage is reflecting directly on that, causing inflation and weakening currency along with it. This is impacting tremendous stress on the overall economy of Pakistan. The executive director of all Pakistan Textile Mills, Shahid Sattar said, over 250 million dollars of textile exports was lost in the last month after mills in Punjab were forced to shut for 15 days. Factories of that region depend on regasified imports of liquefied natural gas. While the domestic gas…

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List of Top 10 Online Book Promotion Websites that Authors must Know

If you are an emerging author and looking forward to spreading your talent among potential readers, here is a list of the top 10 online book promotion websites which work. So you have written a book? Congratulations. It’s time to spread your talent into the world now. Even after writing a compelling book, most authors struggle to find a good reader base that will appreciate the book and promote its sales even further. But, how to do that? Fortunately, multiple book promotion websites promote books and ebooks and garner attention…

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SoundCloud Song Promotion is Made Easy and Affordable With Music Promotion Club

SoundCloud has billions of musicians, all vying for the attention of the same group of audience. So, SoundCloud song promotion should be a vital part of your music marketing strategy SoundCloud is the best platform to attract a huge group of audience for musicians who are getting started. Music Promotion Club can maximize a SoundCloud artist’s chance of becoming popular on the platform with its brilliant and foolproof music promotion technique. The company has a lot of connections with various relevant websites and platforms where they promote their clients’ music. It can…

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Make Your Music Go Viral with The Tunes Club’s Spotify Placement Service

Every music artist needs to have a credible promotional service to garner exposure and engagement. Spotify offers the best platform for music promotion. Avail of Spotify playlist placement service to reach your goals effectively and fast for a flourishing career ahead. The Tunes Club is one of the most dynamic service websites offering effective Spotify playlist placement service for musicians and artists. Music marketing or promotion is indispensable to make a mark in the industry. They are the pioneers of Spotify music promotion with organic results. No matter if you are a singer, producer,…

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Avenue Chyld Has Displayed His Organic Spirit and Created Unmatchable Ecstasy with His Latest Songs

he stupendous artist, Avenue Chyld has made a grand entry into the music scene with his captivating musicality. The immersive new songs ‘Steep Life..’, ‘X…Motivation’, ‘X…From The Heart’, and ‘Pain Into Passion’ has impressive and intimate vocals that are backed by strong melodies. The breathtaking numbers are exclusively released for the fans by the up-to-the-minute production house ‘Jream sounds ent’ that has some of the best facilities. The singer hails from the modern city of Los Angeles in California and has shown his indomitable urge to dish out great numbers. All his…

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