Educational and Intriguing: Sana Malim’s First Published Venture ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ Was Truly Fascinating

This is a book written by Sana Malim, a mother of two, who was inspired by her daughters. ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ is this strong and charming writer’s first published venture. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Milton, Ontario Mar 21, 2023 ( – Enchanting and enlightening, Sana Malim’s exceptionally written book ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!‘ is an impressive children’s picture book that has an adorable and engaging storyline. Coming from a hard-working Canadian-Pakistani family, Sana always found herself writing short stories in her childhood. Becoming a mother has helped her to understand a toddlers’ wild and free…

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Leadership and Performance Coach James Arthur Ray Launches New Business to Help Individuals Achieve Harmonic Success

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Henderson, Nevada Mar 16, 2023 ( – Personal Leadership and Performance Coaches James Arthur Ray and his wife Bersabeh Launch New Business to Help Individuals Achieve Harmonic Success Personal Performance and Leadership Advisor James Arthur Ray has announced the launch of his new business, Harmonic Success, which aims to help individuals achieve success by healing and integrating all aspects of their lives. Ray, a bestselling author, internationally renowned speaker, and business consultant, has worked with over 1 million people from 146 countries worldwide, helping them transform their life, relationship, and…

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Kendana Kay Releases, “Kissing With Eyes Wide Open” , An Inspiring Read for Couples Creating an Exceptional Home

How Ten Pregnancies, Religious Trauma, and Gritty Faith Helped Create an Extraordinary Marriage (YorkPedia Editorial):- Kansas City, Kansas Feb 7, 2023 ( – After nearly forty years of marriage, church ministry, and homeschooling a family of 10, Kendana lost Johnny to a sudden illness. These pages hold the lessons their lives unleashed in a way that feels like The Notebook meets The Shack. In beautiful, simple words, Kendana tells of her enduring romance with a farmer boy, their journey through heartbreak, their fierce passion for community, and the surprisingly healing embrace of…

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“Forgotten America-The Untold Adventures of Venezuela” by Giovanni Calvarese

  An adventurous ride and riveting journey of one’s self   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nov 3, 2022 ( – You and I matter, be kind, as your acts of today will have a great impact on your tomorrow, these are the words of Giovanni Calvarese that he would like to embark to the readers of his epic and full of an adventure novel, Forgotten America- The Untold Adventures of Venezuela. This novel is a story of fiction of Venezuela through the adventures of Carlos and his newly found friend Ezekiel as…

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The Art of the Passover Seder–a new Haggadah with over 70 pieces of art to stimulate conversation at your Passover Seder

New Passover Haggadah Uses Art (YorkPedia Editorial):- Glenview, Illinois Mar 11, 2023 ( – Out of the Nar­rows: The Artists’ Haggadah–A Visu­al Midrash which features over 75 pages of captivating original artwork, for personal interpretation of the Passover Story. The Haggadah was created by JACC (Jewish Artists Collective Chicago) member artists Carol Neiger (project director, designer), Berit Engen (content curator, editor), and Susan Dickman (editor, writer). As they set out to envision the manuscript that eventually became Out of the Narrows: The Artists’ Haggadah, the artists shared a common goal: the desire to create…

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“Infinite Love”, by Shima Shad Rouh, will be ready to download on amazon for valentine´s day 14/02/2023 for ONLY 2.99$!

  Infinite Love, My journey to better Health, Relationships and Finances applying a Scientific-Spiritual Approach by Shima Shad Rouh is now available   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Marbella, Malaga Feb 13, 2023 ( – “Infinite Love” is a fascinating and inspiring memoir by Shima Shad Rouh. Born during the war between Iran and Iraq in Tehran, Shima’s life was marked by extraordinary challenges and a lifelong dedication to finding solutions for human suffering. Through her journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, she developed powerful tools that have transformed her own life and the lives…

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New Mystery — “Pumpkin Promises and Apple Cider Dreams”

Council Bluffs, Mar 8, 2023 ( – Marsha Pilger, the author, announces the release of her new Fiction Novel, “Pumpkin Promises and Apple Cider Dreams” a tantalizing mystery set at the Bellevue Berry Farm in Nebraska.  The main characters, seventeen-year-olds Lindy Adams and Kelly Gray face their greatest challenge when one of the girls unexpectantly disappears.  The plot is enhanced by the fact that the incident occurs during the Halloween season.  Detectives, Monahan, Jackson, and Williams, explore a maze of events that exposes various emotional twists and turns challenging the reader to…

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Sybrina Durant’s ‘Magical Elements of The Periodic Table’ Inspire Interest In Science For Kids

Author, Sybrina Durant’s captivating new book, with enchanting illustrations by Pumudi Gardiyawasam, invites readers on a unique journey through science and fantasy. (YorkPedia Editorial):- League City, Texas Mar 3, 2023 ( – Sybrina Durant’s new book, “Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by The Metal Horn Unicorns,” has made the world of science a whole lot more magical. This enchanting book takes readers on a journey through the periodic table in an extraordinary and imaginative way, with the elements personified by mythical creatures known as Metal Horn Unicorns. This book,…

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Transmute anger into power and be in control of your higher self, with Annette Cornish’s Nails in the Fence

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bologna, Italy Mar 1, 2023 ( – This book which will be featured in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair on March 6 – 9, 2023 @ Bologna, Italy, posits anger management, and its causes. Nails in the fence points out common causes of conflicts and provides various solutions on how to avoid and deal with conflicts and be in control of your reactions instead of being consumed by your emotions. As the saying goes, “if there is one thing that you can be in this world, be kind”. The author,…

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America’s Deceit: A journey of a man in search of the truth about himself…and about his country

This book will be exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair on March 6 – 9, 2023 in Bologna, Italy (YorkPedia Editorial):- Bologna, Italy Mar 1, 2023 ( – Strip the cloak of national security, with John A. Gaetano’s epic novel, America’s deceit: A Journey of a man in search of the truth about himself… and about his country, which will be featured in the upcoming 2023 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.  America’s deceit is a novel exposing the conspiracy in the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy through a fictional…

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