Real Estate Expert releases his book, “Property Management Basics for the Part-Time Landlord”

(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, Sep 7, 2020 ( – Real estate expert G.E.S Boley Jr. recently released his tell-all book, Property Management Basics for the Part-Time Landlord, which quickly shot up to be a #1 New Release on Amazon. Boley was inspired to help others after recalling his own struggles to navigate real estate investing and property management in a time when the internet was still emerging as an educational tool. He learned on the job, eventually expanding his knowledge base and management team as he incorporated new findings and best practices…

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SapphirEmerald Magazine brings out the best of the Legends and the Rising Stars

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Rahway, Sep 6, 2020 ( – As another summer begins to winding down, SapphirEmerald Magazine ramps up with another edition chock full of inspiring, jaw-dropping stories of entrepreneurs, singers, songwriters, activists, and influencers. Catering to a diverse audience and supporting a diverse group of celebrities, you will be again inspired by the stories of struggle, the overwhelming obstacles, and journeys to success by our many powerful and up and coming celebrities. In the September edition of SapphirEmerald Magazine, we share with the audience the struggles, triumphs, and passions of the…

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Research reveals: racism and bigotry against black women have taken over social media

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wilmington, Aug 26, 2020 ( – With the Black Lives Matters protest in full swing across the world, following the tragic death of George Floyd in the US, a new book brings staggering results showing that racism remains deep-rooted in society and besides, it has taken over social media platforms. No Laughing Matter: Race Joking and Resistance in Brazilian Social Media by Luiz Valério P. Trindade examines the main ideological motivations and the embedded meaning of racist jokes on social media aimed at upwardly mobile black women. Trindade argues that…

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A Wisdom-Filled Memoir of a Woman’s First Fifty-Five Years

Author paints a picture of how radiant the future will be like when one perseveres and stands firm in the faith. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Waukegan, Aug 25, 2020 ( –  Writer Rosie M. Elder publishes a spirited autobiography entitled My First Fifty-Five Years. Rosie starts the narration in 1948 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where she was born to a hardworking rural family. Although she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth and started to work at an early age, this did not stop her from using her mental capabilities in reaching…

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Stressed Out? Try Listening to Positive Self-Talk

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Pensacola, Aug 19, 2020 ( – Stressed Out? Try Listening to Positive Self-Talk. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not surprising that people would turn inward to find peace of mind. According to Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book, What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, negative self-talk is something more people are suddenly becoming aware of. “Now, during the pandemic, people can feel their self-talk working against them. The wrong self-talk literally wires your brain to create more stress,” Helmstetter says, “and that’s…

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Sales of the ‘New Bible’ Climb as King Adonis I Revamping of the Adonitology Religion Makes A Sensational Comeback!

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Aug 5, 2020 ( – “The Bible” might have long been a top-selling religious book all over the world, but a new book fondly called “the new Bible” representing a fresh belief system called Adonitology is quickly making headlines these days. This religious book called “The Book of Adonitology: The Sacred Pentadon of the Adonitology Religion”, triggers a unique philosophy which provokes people to create harmony and prosperity. It is worth knowing for readers that Adonitology, founded by King Adonis I, is a decade old religion. But despite…

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Market Size of The Indian Medical Device – Disposables  Industry is Expected to Reach New Levels By 2023. 

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Delhi, Aug 4, 2020 ( – The report titled ‘Medical Devices & Disposables Industry in India (Disposable Plastic Syringes, Disposable Mask & Gloves, Blood Bags, X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Pacemakers, IV Fluid Sets and Other Devices)  Market Analysis, Trends & Opportunities, Growth Drivers, SWOT Analysis, Industry Size, Outlook and Forecasts Upto 2023’ released by Niir Project Consultancy Services, provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian medical devices sector. The report starts with a brief on the global scenario of the industry and then proceeds to analyze the Indian perspective on the industry.…

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Houda Bakkali, Graphis Silver Award in New York

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Jul 22, 2020 ( – The international visual artist Houda Bakkali, has been awarded the Silver Graphis Award | Poster Annual 2021 for the illustration “Freedom”. The Graphis award, is one of the most important distinctions to creatives, a bastion of excellence since 1944. Based in New York, Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration. Likewise, this poster based on the digital illustration has been chosen for the American Illustration 39 in New York, 2020. About…

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16 Year old rockstar singer, lyricist Sakshi Bhardwaj empowers young girls with her poetry

Singer lyricist Sakshi Bhardwaj takes a feminist move (YorkPedia Editorial):- New Delhi, Jul 20, 2020 ( – In a record-breaking national live music performance last night. Singer and lyricist Sakshi Bhardwaj were seen taking a different move towards women empowerment during her live performance.  In a series of gradual lockdowns where people are living quarantine life. The major impact can be seen in the lives of girls and women. Incidents like forced marriages, domestic violence, women torture are on its boom. Sakshi Bhardwaj came forward with an initiative to empower the women…

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Vaibhav Palhade’s Novel “Saajna Re” is Gonna Publish At The End Of July 2020″

Film Editor Vaibhav Palhade’s Novel “Saajna Re” Is Publishing At End Of July 2020 (YorkPedia Editorial):- Akola, Jul 17, 2020 ( – Love is the power which can make everything possible in its own way. Love is the feeling neither be created nor be destroyed and especially when your loved one is away from you. But what if this same power becomes a weakness? It takes a millisecond to fall in love and life to forget! Based on this here the new story coming up by our Indian Director, Editor and Writer…

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