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Enrich Your Religious Grounds Through Holy Texts And Discussions On Mademanministries

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jul 11, 2020 ( – MadeManMinistries has created an inspirational and integrated platform to restore humanity and morality in men, the physical reflection of God. Their aim is to unite men of good character hailing from a diverse range of ethnic and social backgrounds and share a common belief in the unadulterated fatherhood of God so that brotherhood prevails in communities. MadeManMinistries is providing a divisive and digital way of a religious congregation through book readings that will help men to find spiritual closure through the teachings of…

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Digital Mental Health Audiobook Released by Prominent Author Adam Bowcutt

Learn How To Build Rock-Solid Mental Health, Long-Term Resilience & Confidence (YorkPedia Editorial):- Brisbane, Jun 24, 2020 ( – Rebuilding confidence is the key objective behind Adam Bowcutt’s Digital Audiobook titled “CONFIDE: The New Psychology of Confidence” (Recorded & Produced at Brisbane Audiobook Production) With suicide, depression, and anxiety becoming a massive problem in today’s society, and compounded post-COVID Bowcutt felt the calling to produce a digital audiobook book that would equip listeners with the knowledge, insights and courage they will be needing as they go through debilitating experiences in life. “One…

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Pandemic Divorce Law Seminar :

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Chicago, Jun 22, 2020 ( – The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving Ltd. will host the next presentation of the Arthur S. Kallow Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminar Series via Zoom on Wednesday, June 24, at 6:30 p.m. from 19 S. LaSalle St. in Chicago. Attorney Arthur S. Kallow, a nationally known matrimonial litigator with a record of successful litigation, will lecture on: Strategies for preparing clients to successfully deal with guardians ad litem and child representatives during the pandemic. “It is critical that attorneys learn how to effectively…

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Warning: Not Your Father’s Business Book!

What Derek learns from a pointed children’s fable just might change everything! (YorkPedia Editorial):- Bend, Jun 18, 2020 ( – Becoming TIGERS Leading Your Team to Success by Dianne Crampton Be warned, Dianne Crampton’s fourth published work, Becoming TIGERS – Leading Your Team to Success, is not your father’s business book. In this emotionally engaging business fable, Crampton uses the best traditions of learning by parable to take us on a transformative journey through the jungle of myths, mistakes, and mastery of leadership. Apply the lessons from this engaging novel and you…

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Revisiting the Book Understanding Fear

Even before covid-19, this author served as an expert for diagnosing and treating fear, detailed in this literary piece. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jun 2, 2020 ( – Although change is inevitable and constant, it can cause people to display a large amount of fear. Fear, defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat” can run your life if left unchecked. Currently, it is running our personal and professional decisions along with those of our government decision-makers. Everything…

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Inspirational Self-help Book Leads Victims to Overcome their Past and Embrace their Future

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Rahway, Jun 1, 2020 ( – “The enemy may roar, but God is relentless for His children. Whatever God’s plans for you are, they surely include a victory.” ~ LaToya N. Roberts Losing her mother at just six years old was just the beginning of LaToya’s tumultuous childhood. Sexual abuse, foster care, and domestic abuse plagued her life for years. She was the consummate victim and allowed her experiences to dictate her future. With God’s help, she finally took hold of her life to release herself from the pain and…

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Learn more during the lock-down : ScholarOn

Boost Your Grades During the Covid’19 Crisis (YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, May 31, 2020 ( – ScholaOn, a digital solution provider launches the largest collection of academic Q&A based on textbooks, take-home exams, homework answers, and individual student requests. It is noteworthy that this organization has been providing online digital assistance with tools, subject matter experts, textbook solutions, and academic advisors to a wide range of higher education students for the past decade. This expertise, says the team of technocrats at ScholarOn, has inspired them to compile an easily searchable solution library for…

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My Family Book Nook Podcast Launches on

Kentucky author Anne Severn Williamson delights family audiences with The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow (YorkPedia Editorial):- Berea, May 29, 2020 ( – Kentucky author Anne Severn Williamson launched her new podcast MY FAMILY BOOK NOOK on this Easter Sunday @ 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time USA. The Podcast features her fantasy book series The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow, a Post-Apocalyptic narrative set in the Appalachian Wilderness one hundred years in the future. The episodes begin with the first book in the saga TURN of the BLADE. Families…

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How This Author Simplifies Complex Concepts of Philosophy through Poetry

It takes two to tango for poetry and philosophy to create an exquisite masterpiece (YorkPedia Editorial):- Pittsburg, May 8, 2020 ( – When it takes two to tango, author Ted Torgersen makes a sophisticated harmony pairing philosophy and poetry in his newly published book Out of Exile. His book attempts to present the complex philosophy and metaphysics that manifest daily in a person’s life journey as they search for love, peace and understanding. “Writing with a perspective born and molded out of the turbulence of the academic community in the 1960s, the…

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New Book Explores the Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Apr 30, 2020 ( – African Americans are Israelites too. That’s the message of the new book, Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible: Proof Israel is in Africa written by Jeremiah Jael Israel. The new book quells the debate about the identity of Israelites with empirical proof from the Bible and provides irrefutable evidence that Israel is in Africa. The author delves into the discussion by defining who is an Israelite and why many black people are Israelites too.  But to prove blacks are really Israelites, one has…

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