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Top 10 Book Review and Rating Sites: Deliver Unlimited Book References


From where to buy a book to which book will suit your reading tooth, the highest-rated book reviews and rating sites can help you get the book you will love.

For book lovers, getting your hands on some book, that doesn’t please your reading buds, can be extremely disheartening. To make sure, this doesn’t happen to you, you need to vouch for books that are already well appreciated. The only place that can give you ample book reviews and suggestions is a good book review site. Here you will find a list of the top 10 book review sites so that you can buy books that you love reading and recommend to others.

1. Goodreads

This is the most prominent online community for book lovers. Though some might argue this fact, they have most number of followers and keen readers regularly visiting their site. Any book lover can get great recommendations from their site on which biography or novel they should buy next. They also have a segment where users generate their personal experiences to read a book to keep this community well-informed.
The diversified nature of this platform brings eclectic users into one place and has created a space where everyone can share their thoughts and leave reviews based on their individual opinions. Sometimes there are bonus events like question-answer rounds that readers tend to enjoy a lot.

2. LibraryThing

They are a self-proclaimed largest platform for book lovers. LibraryThing has over 2.3 million members, making it the largest virtual book club in the world. To sign up for this platform you will need to create a free account and add up to 200 books to your library. And these 200 books are also shareable with your fellow readers.
Apart from these compelling attributes, LibraryThing is one of the most useful platforms where you can get the best book reviews. Naturally, there are user reviews and tags that make this comprehensive channel even more useful. From detailed reviews to ratings, this platform will make sure your bookish worm is fed to the brim.

3. Bookscrit

This is a platform where avid readers are gathered with their notions on a completely new book for aspiring writers. From children’s books to books on finance, their assorted book reviews will not just keep the fiction readers satiated but also will give great references on various subjects. This is a blog site; the basic motto of this platform is to educate on different topics and genres.
They are a group of people with unyielding curiosity and zesty reading habits, and this has made this small yet thriving website to become one of the most popular book review sites of 2023. From budding authors to thriving writers, their reviews cover everything bookish. They haven’t restrained themselves from just writing a review of a book they walk the extra mile and publish a lot more including articles and blogs on the book.

4. Bookish

To put in smile words, the members of this book club know everything. And they take this opportunity to educate others on every single topic. They believe in a single dictum, if you have something too interesting or useful to share, then convey that message to as many people as possible. And this attribute of this platform has made them on this list.
They are not just a club settling on book meetings; instead, they offer editorial content to several writers as well. This generous conviction is something every book lover cherishes about them. When it comes to recommending a book, they don’t just write reviews, they also interview the author; and write blogs and articles on the book.

5. Booklist

Unlike other websites, this is a full-fledged print magazine, also available on their online platform. Trusted experts and keen readers are responsible here. They gather every piece of information on a book and publish articles on this topic, giving their readers a comprehensive knowledge of this book. But this is a chargeable option, obviously, you can have a glimpse of their course of writing but you can always go for their annual plans to learn more about books through their spectacles.

6. Fantasy Book Review

This book review website is exclusive to fantasy works. There is a group of fantasy lovers who have come together to create this fantasy world for every fiction lover. From their comprehensive nature of work, they review children’s book and also rates adult’s books. Everything that comes under this genre they have read and left a useful review on the topic.
Fantasy books are always extremely tasty to devour, but with their recommendation, you will not spend an extra penny on a bad book. They also cover various subgenres like Sword and Sorcery, Parallel Worlds, and Epic Fantasy.

7. LoveReading

They are one of the leading book review sites in the UK, but in recent days, it has been seen that a hefty amount of American audience is also vouching for their services. This site is divided into two segments, fiction and non-fiction. And in each of their segments, they published relatable content regularly. They also publish weekly staff picks, books of the month, debuts of the month, ebooks of the month, audiobooks of the month, and nationwide bestsellers.
Their published reviews on every book in their specific list are completely free to read. You can also find a themed book list on this website. From World War One Literature to Green Reads, they are inclusive of everything and offer a good quality compilation of various books on a single topic.

8. Kirkus

This platform is one of the oldest platforms for book lovers. Since 1930, Kirkus has been publishing book reviews. From newspaper articles to online articles, they are maintaining their legacy along with that they are keeping up with the pace of this world.
On their website, you will find dozens of ‘Best’ in these segment options, which makes them extremely efficient for book lovers. While visiting their website make sure you click on the Kirkus Prize section. In this section, you can learn about past winners and finalists along with their book names.

9. StoryGraph

If you are a book lover then StoryGraph is a place worth your attention. Their book ratings are truly making a good impact and are also widely researched. They will deliver a well-known review that will make you a better reader. Find the book title you are interested in then click on it and you will find a comprehensive knowledge of that book, including a personal thought section. Every book review provides an ample amount of information on the mood of the book and other attributes of the story.

10. London Review of Books

They are a well-known magazine based out of London. They cover a range of subjects including culture, literature, and philosophy. Along with several other contents they also publish good quality detailed review content. If you are a person of modern books then this can be your go-to option to learn more about emerging writers and their writings.
Apart from these well-known book review platforms, you can also get a great amount of reviews via other platforms like YouTube, r/books (Reddit), Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook. On these platforms, you can get an ample amount of knowledge on a book and its several attributes. Books are more interesting when they are discussed amongst other book lovers. Most of the time readers judge a book by the aesthetic of the book cover but reading reviews and then spending your money on a book can be a better way to choose books. So be mindful and enjoy your reads every time.


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