Upcoming California Rapper Killa JV Recreates the Home-Grown Virtues of Hip Hop With ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’

The good vibe of lyrical and musical blend in the scope of hip hop in upcoming artist Killa JV’s soundscape is currently the most extensively played songs in my playlist. Owning and redefining the characteristics of modern-day rap and hip hop, this artist is paving the way for new creative premises. He recently collaborated with fellow artist Johnny Dehn for the song ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ that has added a significant feature to his cap as an artist. Intense, relatable, and engaging, the song not only promotes the essence of hip hop’s…

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Lonleybandz Holds a Powerful Thematic Authority over the Audience with His Marvelously Resonating Numbers

he genre of hip hop presents boundless possibilities offering numerous rhythmic and rhyming styles satisfying every craving of music-lovers all over the globe. Rising hip hop artist Lonleybandz has captivated the global hip hop community with his recently released melodic pieces that encapsulate the true thematic majesty of the genre. The versatile nature of the popular musical form finds a fresher interpretation in the artist’s exceptional creative endeavors that is revealed in his countless resonating pieces available on major streaming platforms. The artist pours his heart out to deliver his best performance…

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Rap Genius KILLA JV Dishes Out his Lyrically Rich Single ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ Exuding Old School Resonance

Hip hop and rap have been the most favorite musical genre to listeners and artists alike around the world presenting highly entertaining and thought-provoking content at the same time. Driven by his love for the old school thematic resonance, talented hip hop artist Dylan Sawyer, mostly known by his stage name KILLA JV, has dropped a jaw-dropping rap number called ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ featuring fellow rapper JOHNNY DEHN recently. The track is a masterpiece in terms of both rhythmic and rhyming dexterity introducing the global hip-hop community with his unmatchable exuberance and creativity. Molding…

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Yvng Flow Entertainment Music 

Yvng Flow Is A Proud, Trained Rapper, Catching The Attention With Blasting Rap Verses In ‘Tommy Craze’

Meet the young and underrated hip hop musician Yvng Flow who dreams bigger, to live in LA, and signing unlimited records with the biggest producers soon with his amazing prowess of rapping with rhyming words. His latest music release on youtube is titled ‘Tommy Craze’ which acts as the mirror that projects his introspective decisions towards his precious and brief music career. He is only 17 years old and has already made a couple of hit songs and videos on youtube. Drawing inspiration from the gone-too-soon artist Juice WRLD, he makes music with a…

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Tommy Wayne Entertainment Music 

Upcoming Artist Tommy Wayne’s New Song ‘Wall’ Is A Rhythmic And Thematic Blend Of Musical Purposes

Music and its various forms have blended into one steaming course of creative purposes with Tommy Wayne’s picturesque soundscape of themes and wisdom. He is identifying with the extensive proximities of music and writing a saga that pays tribute to music’s evolution through the ages. Combining the essence and musical technicalities of genres like R&B, pop, and hip hop, he is establishing a creative arc of influences from all over the places. His artistic individualism reflects in his newly released single, ‘Wall’ that brings the idea of unanimous creative flow under…

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GOSHA MAY Entertainment Music 

Washington Music Producer Gosha May Has Belted Out Riveting Beats In His Recently Produced Hip Hop Numbers With Scintillating Tunes

All the mainstream airplay is now airing the tracks produced by the astounding recording artist Gosha May. He has reached the pinnacle of success with numbers like ‘Nitrous’, ‘MISSION’ that features SLEYA, ‘Clover’ featuring Sleya and originally it is sung by Xavier Rite, and ‘Priceline’ that is also produced by Sleya and again originally sung by Xavier Rite and also features Yvng Heath. It is an incredible execution by the Washington music producer laid out with elegance. He also boasts of owning an up to the minute production house called ‘Gosha May LLC’ that has state…

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Forlorn Forest Entertainment Music 

Wisconsin Death Metal Artist Forlorn Forest Slaughters Death Metal Music to Create His Flawless Masterpieces

ne name that has stood out amidst the deep smog of 2020 to make everyone spin their head to and fro with his shattering soundscapes is Forlorn Forest. With his explosive energy and alluring melodies, the Wisconsin death metal artist has proved his caliber to create some of the most influential sounds in heavy music’s history. The artist’s unique taste in death metal music has created a new milestone that only seems to be a dream of others to conquer. Inarguably, the music creator has created an irremovable mark in this…

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Vsthe Entertainment Music 

VStheWORLDD Brings the Much-Needed Revolution to the Contemporary Hip Hop Scene with His Matchless Resonance

The versatile genre of hip hop has been adapting to newer and more complex rhythmic and rhyming styles since its birth changing its flow to different directions producing the most unique compositions. Well-known musical figure in the underground hip hop scene of New York City, prolific rapper VStheWORLDD is making headlines with his extremely unparalleled resonance that is bringing a new rebellious wave into the global music scene. Overcoming the difficulties of the current crisis with his sheer determination, the brave and hard-working artist has presented his followers with back to back…

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Bonfire Entertainment Music 

Upcoming Louisiana Rapper Lil Famee’s Song ‘Bonfire’ Is An Intense Lyrical Chronicle

The significance of cultural expressions in the verses of rap and hip hop has always been a part of the collective evolution of music. Upcoming hip hop artist Lil Famee aka michaeljerome Jerome is putting together a captivating soundscape of musical and creative escapades that is rich in lyrical formation. He recently came out with his quirky single, ‘Bonfire’ that exemplifies his ability as a rapper and a creative visionary. The song is a groovy arrangement rich in contemporary rhythmic patterns that elevates the lyrical proximity of the song to another level…

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J.A.N Gives a Hint of his Surprising Vocal Element and Brilliant Hip-hop Work in his New Song ‘Love Me’

An artist who has improvised the very best of raw hip-hop in his compositions is the new dynamic rapper J.A.N With an engaging spirit, the artist has proved his creativity and levied his indefinable presence on the music scene. By keeping up with all the attractive sonic elements in his tracks, the rapper has experimented with varied styles and sounds to create his distinctive name and has performed exceptionally well to show his compelling voice. By releasing several enchanting musical pieces in the past, the rapper has tagged himself as a…

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