Nourish Your Soul With Kalpesh Desai’s ‘Jasmines In Her Hair’


Kalpesh Desai gives a message of cherishing every relationship in life’s journey through his collection of poetries in his new book, ‘Jasmines In Her Hair’.

'Jasmines In Her Hair'


The need for love and affection goes way beyond collective survival, they enhance the chances of individual survival. According to researchers and philosophers, love is the single most important factor that plays a huge role in human lives and their physical and mental health. Author Kalpesh Desai also gives the utmost significance to each relationship in his life and states that everything plays a pivotal role in life’s journey. In his new book, ‘Jasmines In Her Hair’ he has presented a collection of poetries that he claims is the poetry of the soul. Grab a copy on Amazon and shift your paradigm on love and relationships.

 Kalpesh has a strong belief that everything exists inside the language and it is the love language that makes our lives, and loving each other this much more exciting. In his latest book, ‘Jasmines In Her Hair’ the author beautifully explores the enchanting themes of love, self-love, heartbreak, and even rediscovery and regeneration through evocative poetry. Through his thoughtful writing, the poet encourages cherishing every relationship that people encounter in their journey of life. His writing inspires people to express their gratitude for every relationship and feeling for their roles in their lives. The book highlights and celebrates the liberating concept of letting go of one’s past. At the same time, the poetries stimulate the joy of rediscovering oneself and someone who rejuvenates the capacity to love in people’s lives.

Each poem in the collection emphasizes the essence of love, and the feeling anchored in intimacy, kindness, integrity, understanding, and consistency. This inspiring work comprises valuable insights into human relationships and how they impact the course of lives from both the poet’s introspection along the power of language that explores the complicated nature of love. The author thrives in writing poetry both romantic and inspirational/motivational and his latest expression is now available for purchase on Amazon, BookSirens, The Raven Book Store, Branes & Noble, and Notion Press India online.

Apart from writing, Kalpesh Desai is also a successful serial entrepreneur, based out of Dubai, currently focused on building software product companies. You can connect with him on Instagram, Goodreads, LinkedIn, YouTube, and his website for further updates and information.

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