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WhatsApp has arrived with new feature consecutive audio message playback


WhatsApp has come up with some attractive features which made this app even more practical for the users. This new handy updated feature is a treat to those who like to send voice messages. However, messaging now allows you to play audio messages consecutively on Android. Thus, it is time to say goodbye to pressing play over and over again.

On the other hand, this new feature is not as impressive as the latest arrivals of stickers. It will help to communicate without selecting each voice message separately. Therefore, you just need to play the first audio for the next ones to continue to play in order.

This new feature of WhatsApp is available in the iOS version of the Whatsapp. Thus, the feature has been added to the stable WhatsApp Android app with the v2.19.150 update. This update feature actually removes the hassle of manually tapping the play button on the next voice message once the past one ends. This makes the conversation handy by involving the exchange of multiple voice messages which is quick progression.

Another feature that is incorporated is the two new sounds which will alert you of the audios you have not listened to. A brief tone is used at each audio file and also indicates the next one is going to be played. When you listen to the last audio you will hear another sound that will allow you to know that you have already listened to it.


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