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Cardi B is Working Hard to Encapsulate Her Past of being Part of a Gang

  It was just last year in the month of March that Yonette Respass or Star Brim got released from federal prison after serving a six-month-long sentence in association with wire fraud. As she came out of the prison and took the Greyhound bus in Manhattan, New York, all of her family and friends greeted her with open arms. In other news, Cardi B, who has been an active supporter of Yonette for many years now was not physically present during her release but did take to Instagram to post…

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New Song ‘Banko Talk’ By the Musical Genius Banko Stands Charismatic to the Fans

Since its birth in the early ‘70s, hip hop has come a long way to satisfy the taste of the diverse group of admirers and the originality and consistency of cadence in Banko’s song provides the fans with a gratifying result. He has mastered the necessary skills that make a great hip hop artist with his downy flow, clarity of lyrics and timely delivery of words. The proficiency expressing Universal struggle in his song ‘Banko Talk’ is admirable and much appreciated by the fans. The grasp the song has over…

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