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Cardi B is Working Hard to Encapsulate Her Past of being Part of a Gang



It was just last year in the month of March that Yonette Respass or Star Brim got released from federal prison after serving a six-month-long sentence in association with wire fraud. As she came out of the prison and took the Greyhound bus in Manhattan, New York, all of her family and friends greeted her with open arms.

In other news, Cardi B, who has been an active supporter of Yonette for many years now was not physically present during her release but did take to Instagram to post in celebration of her newfound freedom. This post and its popularity were accurately utilized by 28-year-old Respass who stepped into the spectrum of public salvation by starting a podcast resulting in an exponential increase in her Instagram followers amounting to a whopping 949,000.

The name of the show that she is hosting right now is called, Keepin’ It Bute. There has been some exchange of information between sources and Page Six that claimed that Cardi B has been very vocal and functional in helping her friend during this crisis. This also includes her unparalleled involvement in helping family and friends to restore normal life far from their dark pasts of being part of gangs and organized crime.

One of Respass’ spokespersons got in touch with the Post said that Cardi B Fights to keep her gang-related past beneath the surface. She has taken under her wing the responsibility of passing on her wisdom regarding various illicit problems among other people. However, the end was rather unfortunate as the judge in question with the case believes nine months pregnant Respass was one of the assaulters who attacked two bartenders in Queens.

The accusation against Respass is that she has hired three gang members to attack the women during the time she was in prison in Connecticut. She is an active member of 5-9 Brims, a gang and that order for the attack was really passed by her.

The one to film the entire episode was 35-year-old Jeffrey Bush. Interestingly, the man is currently behind bars for selling cocaine to police officers who were undercover at that time. Cardi B was also reportedly an active member of the Bloods gang during her teenage years and to this day, she often hangs out with members of the gang.

In a turn of events, just two weeks later, the singer got herself involved in the attack episode of the same two sisters. All this took place at the Angels Strip Clun in Queens, New York. As per reports and sources, the fight was over a woman by the name Jade Gi who was allegedly sleeping with Cardi’s husband, Offset. However, Cardi B has pledged not guilty on the charges and the case still remains open.

Unfortunately, Respass was charged in association with a racketeering conspiracy. Authorities associated with the case pledged for a fifty years sentence in federal prison. Information collected from an insider who got in touch with Page Six reveals that Respass along with her crew often gets involved in fights voluntarily.

Cardi B’s involvement in the whole case, however, will do worse than good for her career and personal well-being as per the source. In an interview with GQ in 2018, the singer told reporters that she ‘turned blood’ after being told by friends.


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