Kam Chancellor and Doug Baldwin are out of the contract of Seattle Seahawks

According to the NFL News, Seattle witnesses the end of an era. The recent roster moves of Seahawks make sure that the two members of the 2014 Super Bowl team will no longer be a part of the team and won’t be moving forward. The Seahawks made an announcement that the team would be releasing Kam Chancellor and Doug Baldwin. The contracts with these two players have been terminated due to their failed physical designations. And, looking at Chancellor, it is pretty clear and doesn’t come as a surprise. He had…

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Nintendo comes up with a new Kirby art book that celebrates their existence in the gaming industry

Unlike its rivalries, Nintendo is truly the emperor of good merch as their only focus is to make every player happy. And, although they are trying to make a buck off of their stuff they never try to compromise with the experience of their customer. A fan of Nintendo can certainly well relate and agree to the above statement. Nintendo has just made one of the truest of the tries, and has held a great example of everything that a company needs to be. Just that they should get all…

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