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The Haunted North launch perhaps their most striking, creatively hard-hitting single yet.

MEDUSA proves to be a mighty anthem of a modern rock hit. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Seattle, Oct 7, 2020 ( – Pouring through with a tribal rhythm that soon progresses into the full-throttle live-drum sound of hard-rock, MEDUSA goes on to bring in sublime musicianship from all involved. The track also welcomes through the unmistakable roar of a rock vocal that tips its hat to the progressive legends of yesteryear; whilst making sure to inject more than a few modern traits of identity. Featuring some well-placed and enjoyably mellow, reflective solos to break up the…

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Soccer Economics Predicts Euro Cup 2021 Qualifiers

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Oct 2, 2020 ( – Toronto, Canada, October 01, 2020 – If we all think alike, then no one is thinking. Soccer Economics could not agree more. And they did something about it. Soccer Economics’ proprietary system identifies winner of international soccer games with a 75% accuracy rate to date. It’s only by combining multiple screening filters with specific weightings that Soccer Economics is able to accomplish its high predictive success rate. “At the end of the day, we looked at screening filters that very few individuals thought of…

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Playerzpotropes in ace cricketers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Smriti Mandhanaas Brand Ambassadors

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, Sep 8, 2020 ( – Playerzpot, one of India’s leading fantasy sports gaming platforms, today announced the signing of world-class performers and cricketers- Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Smriti Mandhanaas it’s Brand Ambassadors. The partnership will see the cricketers in the brand’s upcoming campaigns and promote Playerzpotthrough engagement activities. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is an iconic cricketer and an inspiration for the younger generation. Smriti Mandhanaherself is a world-class performer and connects beautifully with sports, cricket and even female audience. They will anchor the brand with their sports charisma and help in creating…

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Brandon Rembert Returning to Alcorn for 2021 Season

Alcorn State outfielder Brandon Rembert will be returning to school for the 2021 spring season. The NCAA granted a year of eligibility back to baseball players who missed their 2020 seasons respectfully.  The Pre-Season All-SWAC first-team selection will be back as a key part of their lineup once again.  Rembert batted .255 in his 2020 season adding a homerun and 6 RBI’s.  Rembert started all 12 games for the Braves this season, manning the right field position. Rembert states, “I was very excited to see that we were able to…

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VMECCA.LIVE Makes Bid for TikTok (YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Aug 26, 2020 ( – After a year of lawsuits and allegations in the tech industry against male CEOs for everything from unfair gender-discrimination to harassment on gaming platforms, a group of female tech CEOs have recently stepped forward to lead a $10-20 Billion bid campaign for TikTok’s U.S. territory rights since the app caters largely to a younger and sometimes more vulnerable audience. VMECCA.LIVE was originally developed as a livestream sports lab for sports like Major League Polo and as an esports gaming…

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Winsshi: World’s first decentralized gaming platform.

The World Is Your Playground (YorkPedia Editorial):- Delhi, Aug 24, 2020 ( – Yet again in 2020, the world takes its attention to the blockchain as the Coronavirus devastates the economy, and investors seek a safe haven for their investments. This time a whole lot has been on the top radar of today’s investors. Top of the list recently has been DeFi {Decentralized Finance} which has crossed a market cap of over $10bn since becoming a central focus and rave of the moment. More attention in various industries is coming into the…

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The Settlers 2020 Release Date Has Been Postponed Again

    When speaking of city-builder strategy games, The Settlers has always been of the most impactful one whose first installment was released back in 1993 and at that time received much love and acknowledgment for its innovative designs that were considered pretty much groundbreaking. It is the work of Blue Byte due to whom this franchise has gradually built up and has gained several loyal fans over the years. The next installment which was supposedly and originally scheduled to release in 2019 got subsequently pushed back to 2020 and…

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Warrior Table Soccer enters European marketplace

Tafelvoetbal Nederland named Exclusive Distributor (YorkPedia Editorial):- Hesperia, Jul 11, 2020 ( – Warrior Table Soccer names Tafelvoetbal Nederland to be the Exclusive Distributor of Warrior products in Europe. This alliance makes Warrior’s professional foosball tables available throughout all of Europe. “We have been besieged with interest in our award-winning, value-priced table globally, but the expense of shipping has limited sales substantially. I have been working for a couple of years to find the right company to bring our tables to families outside of the US. Working closely with Joran Rombouts, of…

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The Infliction: Extended Cut is All Set to Be Launched on Nintendo Switch on The First Week of July

    The release of Infliction: Extended Cut on the Nintendo Switch gets announced by developer Caustic Reality and publisher Blowfish Studios. The original title was released more than a year ago and with this extended version, some exciting content will be included. Caustic Reality’s Infliction: Extended Cut launches on Nintendo Switch this July and fans just cannot keep calm. It is an interactive nightmare type of game for the players as one player set in a once-happy home. The users need to save themselves from various dangerous encounters so that…

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Climate effects of Overwatch 2 are rumored to have torrential downpours with sandstorms

As of now, there is yet another thing that is common between Finish DJ Darude and Overwatch. These are not those things that are talked about history for the brief moments where these things were relevant but not the sandstorms. It was in a particular leak that stems from the former employee of Blizzard in South Korea Naeri, it has been stated on Twitter by her that the upcoming game of Overwatch 2 will be featuring various weather effects that can lead to a situation of something of a loss…

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