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We Have Plenty of News on Earvin Eugene

Earvin Eugene is successful and attractive (YorkPedia Editorial):- Las Vegas, Oct 26, 2020 ( – We have plenty of news on Earvin Eugene. He has dated plenty of girls and women. At certain times he is a well-known bachelor. Earvin is quoted as saying, “I enjoy the company of females. I do not understand girls but they seem to like me. Throughout my life, I have met a lot of girls. I am not pretentious.” Earvin is smart, respectful, and genuine.   More news about Mr. Eugene is the fact that he…

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in her new book, Dr. Mary Baures asks us to wake up from our delusion that we own the earth.

Awakening Awe – An illustrated Journey to Reverence (YorkPedia Editorial):- Beverly, Oct 16, 2020 ( – In her previous book Love Heals Baby Elephants – Rebirthing Ivory Orphans, psychologist Dr. Baures asked us not to turn life into things. In Awakening Awe, An illustrated Journey Toward Reverence her new message is woven around encounters with mother leopards, lion prides and indigenous tribes. She explains how our delusion that we own the earth created the coronavirus,  a warning shot from Mother Earth.  We will either learn the easy way or the hard way that nature cannot…

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The Haunted North launch perhaps their most striking, creatively hard-hitting single yet.

MEDUSA proves to be a mighty anthem of a modern rock hit. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Seattle, Oct 7, 2020 ( – Pouring through with a tribal rhythm that soon progresses into the full-throttle live-drum sound of hard-rock, MEDUSA goes on to bring in sublime musicianship from all involved. The track also welcomes through the unmistakable roar of a rock vocal that tips its hat to the progressive legends of yesteryear; whilst making sure to inject more than a few modern traits of identity. Featuring some well-placed and enjoyably mellow, reflective solos to break up the…

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Global Art Index has released their Art Price Index

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Oct 5, 2020 ( – We are delighted to announce the launch of Global Art Index. With an enthusiastic team of art and tech lovers, Global Art Index will be offering over 8 million artworks by more than 500,000 artists. Global Art Index will also support artists, art writers, art critics and will be covering auctions, art exhibitions and other art events globally. Global Art Index assures you that, we will do our best to serve you with the utmost care and share the latest data with…

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Join Harry Potter Star In The Cast Of The Worlds First Live Interactive Christmas Show

British TV and stage company Panto Live is holding international auditions as the hunt begins for participants to be part of a live, online pantomime starring actor Chris Rankin, best known as Percy Weasley of the Harry Potter franchise (YorkPedia Editorial):- Salford, Oct 4, 2020 ( – Join Harry Potter Star In The Cast Of The Worlds First Live Interactive Christmas Show British TV and stage company Panto Live is holding international auditions as the hunt begins for participants to be part of a live, online pantomime starring actor Chris Rankin, best…

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Experience the Creative Confluence of Art and Technology with Artgence’s Virtual Exhibition FABRIC

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ile-de-France, Sep 17, 2020 ( – Multidimensional artist management and consultancy agency, Artgence invites you to a virtual exhibition, FABRIC, a hi-tech 3D exhibition dedicated to innovation, technology, and creative proximities in the scope of artistic expansion. FABRIC is designed to showcase the confluence of contemporary innovation and every day to create a space of ambiguous visual explanation.  Multidimensional use in art is a concept that is gradually popularizing over the digital medium because of the visual experience that it creates. The technology functionally implemented by Artgence is designed to…

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Earthdance Peace Festivals Go Virtual September 19 “Vision 2020 Co-Manifestival”

Synchronized Prayer for Peace – Charity Benefit
Multiple Global Peace and Music Livestream Productions (YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, Sep 16, 2020 ( – Earthdance International has announced its 24th annual peace, music and dance festivals will take place online next Saturday, September 19. Vision 2020 Co-Manifestival programs from around the world will stream on the Earthdance.TV website and elsewhere. The Prayer for Peace livestream airs from 2 pm to 9 pm PDT. This program begins with chanting by Buddhist Monks of Bhutan, followed by a George Mason University webinar panel discussion, Achieving Peace…

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Gown and Out in Beverly Hills takes you into the secret lives, excitement, Magic and beauty of Hollywood’s most glamorous Celebrities as they prepare for their Red-Carpet debuts celebrity fashion designers, Pol Atteu and Patrik Simpson. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Beverly Hills, Sep 8, 2020 ( – Amazon Prime Video Gown and Out in Beverly Hills Season 2 releases on Amazon Prime Video and is now available worldwide. Season 2 is Nominated Best Digital Series by the RTVA’s and both seasons, produced by American Media Television, LLC., are now available on Amazon Prime Video.…

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The Award-Winning Film You Need this Election Season is Streaming Now

THE DIVISIBLE premieres worldwide on YouTube today. An interracial couple fights to protect their son in a dystopian nation deeply divided by race. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 1, 2020 ( – In a land where division abounds, and structures we once relied on are coming apart at the seams, it takes courage to ask:  “What is it that truly divides the people of this nation?” and “What will it take to unite us?”    THE DIVISIBLE is a multi-award winning film which has its World Premiere on YouTube today, tackling the…

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Nick Bautista Will Showcase His New Works at Agora Gallery This Fall

The talented NYC-based artist Nick Bautista will showcase his new works at Agora Gallery that has announced two group exhibitions scheduled for this fall. (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Aug 26, 2020 ( – While the coronavirus situation is still ongoing and remains a threat to everyone’s health, New York is gradually opening up. This does not mean that we will soon return to normal life, but we are at least a step closer now. New York’s arts scene is also on its way to recovery. After several months of pandemic lockdowns, many local…

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