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The Art of the Passover Seder–a new Haggadah with over 70 pieces of art to stimulate conversation at your Passover Seder


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New Passover Haggadah Uses Art

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Glenview, Illinois Mar 11, 2023 ( – Out of the Nar­rows: The Artists’ Haggadah–A Visu­al Midrash which features over 75 pages of captivating original artwork, for personal interpretation of the Passover Story.

The Haggadah was created by JACC (Jewish Artists Collective Chicago) member artists Carol Neiger (project director, designer), Berit Engen (content curator, editor), and Susan Dickman (editor, writer). As they set out to envision the manuscript that eventually became Out of the Narrows: The Artists’ Haggadah, the artists shared a common goal: the desire to create a text rich in meaning and beauty that engages its readers both visually and thematically and evokes in-depth discussions at Seders all over the world.

Out of the Narrows is a 144-page full-color complete Passover Haggadah with the Passover Seder in Hebrew, transliteration, and English, including all steps of the ceremony, rituals, prayers, and liturgy.  It also provides commentary by its 11 artists,  Susan Dickman, Dorit Jordan Dotan, Berit Engen, Jonathan Franklin, Alan Hobscheid, Ellen Holtzblatt, Judith Joseph, Carol Neiger, Amy Reichert, Beth Shadur, and Jane Weintraub. The artists are members of JAC-C, a Chicago community of multidisciplinary artists connected through common heritage and committed to sharing ideas, enriching practices, and creating a dialogue with the community.

After a successful inaugural launch in February 2021 resulting in favorable reviews, multiple exhibits presenting the art from Out of the Narrows scheduled through 2024, and inclusion in Jewish Book Council’s Haggadah Roundup,  the second printing of the Haggadah was released in December 2021

“As artists, our job is to witness, comment, and create,” stated Project Manager, Carol  Neiger. “As part of the creation process, Susan Dickman, Berit Engen, and I discussed many important questions such as  “How does art help make sense of the Passover story? How do its elements reflect the plagues of disease, death, and injustice that still exist? How do we praise God when the world is broken and millions continue to suffer?” 

“Why is this Haggadah different from all others?  There is a well-known Jewish concept of Hiddur Mitzvah literally, ‘beautifying the mitzvah’,”  said Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein. “The tradition of putting extra time, style, or resources into a mitzvah so that it is performed as beautifully as possible.  Passover is already a beautiful Mitzvah when we gather around the table, eat delicious food, and retell and reenact an amazing freedom story.  The powerful art from these amazing artists adds even deeper meaning and level into the Seder experience.”

It’s time to buy your Passover Haggadahs for 2023. Passover commences on the Evening of Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023, concluding on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

How to order the Haggadah: Out of the Narrows can be purchased at two price points: Heavier paper at Blurb for $61.75 Blurb offers volume discounts! Discounts are calculated at checkout. 30% off (10-19 copies) and 40% off (20+) copies.…/10991407-out-of-the-narrows-the…Economy version (lighter paper) at Barnes & Noble for $32.00…/out-of-the…/1138835657 For more information, please visit  JACC.   

Out of the Narrows: The Artists’ Haggadah is available at Barnes & Noble and on Blurb.


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