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Andarix Pharmaceuticals CEO to Chair Rare Disease Clinical Trials Conference

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cambridge, Massachusetts Sep 17, 2023 ( – Andarix Pharmaceuticals, a leader in the discovery and development of targeted peptide therapy for rare cancers announced today that its CEO, Chris Adams will Chair the two days conference on rare diseases. The conference will include attendees from industry experts to patient groups.   The Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases Conference. This event will explore the challenges in clinical trials for orphan drugs and rare diseases, bringing together clinical operations professionals from across multiple therapeutic areas to discuss common obstacles and solutions. Topics at…

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Dr MGR Janaki College’s Success with MIT Square London

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Chennai, Tamil Nadu Mar 19, 2023 ( – Dr MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science for Women was founded in the loving memory of the late Chief Minister Bharat Ratna Dr MGR and his beloved wife Mrs Janaki Ramachandran, who championed the cause of women’s education, believing in true empowerment of women can be obtained only through education and economic independence. In the spirit of this, Dr Latha Rajendran (Secretary) and Dr Kumar Rajendran (Chairperson) of MJC partnered with MIT Square London to establish the RAISE Centre of Excellence,…

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Srust and Bioinformatics CRO Partner to Expand Services and Offer High-Quality Bioinformatics Solutions

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan Mar 13, 2023 ( – Srust, Inc. a leading provider of scientific researcher recruitment solutions, has announced a partnership with Bioinformatics CRO, a US-based provider of bioinformatics contract research services. This partnership will enable Srust to expand its services in the US and help Bioinformatics CRO to establish a presence in the Japanese market and globally. Srust’s mission is to help clients hire highly skilled scientific researchers and save time and money while doing so. Their smart AI talent matching system free-ist matches top scientific researchers with…

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AWS Research Grant Awarded to Dr. Nabil Adam and Dr. Robert Wieder

Amazon Web Services has awarded Dr. Nabil Adam and Dr. Robert Wieder a grant for their research project, “Racial Disparities in Cancer Therapy-Induced Adverse Events.” (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 16, 2023 ( – Regarding this award to Dr. Nabil Adam and Dr. Wieder, The AWS Health Equity Initiative (HEI) said, “We are honored to be joined by so many talented innovators leveraging the cloud to reduce inequities in care and enhance health outcomes by increasing access to health services, reducing disparities by addressing social determinants of health, and…

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Government Economic Restrictions and the Control of COVID-19

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Abu Zabi, United Arab Emirates Mar 1, 2023 ( – Are you looking to find out if government economic restrictions could effectively control COVID-19? New research by Dr. Juan Dempere has exposed that the time inconsistency problem has emerged as one of the key obstacles to successful government crisis management. This problem arises when policymakers are more likely to take short-term actions that will improve their electoral prospects, even if those actions will have negative long-term consequences. This is especially true in democracies, where policymakers are more susceptible to political pressures. Uncover the full implications…

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Rescuing Physics and Cosmology by revising the concept of SpaceTime

The two greatest theories of Physics are incompatible and mutually conflicting because of wrong model of the universe. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Indore, Madhya Pradesh Feb 6, 2023 ( – Einstein and Minkowski combined the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold called SpaceTime. This leads to a block universe view in which there is no distinction between the past, the present and the future, and all three of them simultaneously coexist! This view is in stark contrast to our everyday experience, as well as with an…

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ACSDRI’s 2023 International Conference in India On Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability focused Education, Businesses and Professional Development Opportunities in Australia and IndiaEcologically Sustainable Development is the need of the current & future economic development. Mumbai, Feb 4, 2023 ( – Australian Centre for Sustainable Development Research & Innovation (ACSDRI), a registered Not-for-Profit Research Foundation of Australia (, is conducting Two Day International Conference on “Sustainability-focused Education, Business and Professional Development Opportunities in Australia and India” in association with VIBGYOR ( and Enpro Envirotech ( at Maharashtra Nature Park Society, Mumbai, India on 4th & 5th March 2023. The theme of the conference…

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Passionpreneur Publishing proudly announces that Mohannad Halaby has started the journey of becoming a published author

His upcoming inspiring book is titled I Entered The Bermuda Triangle and will be available via major players in the global book distribution field. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 19, 2023 ( – About The Book The book I Entered The Bermuda Triangle by Mohannad Halaby shares that thousands of years ago people were curious to know about the hidden city that lived with different dimensions according to Plato’s theory. Today, MH revealed an empire collaborating with our world with different dimensions and powers beyond humankind inside the Bermuda triangle.…

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Well-Known California Cannabis Nursery Adopts Blockchain Technology to Certify all Clones with a “Batch Certificate”

How Web3 Technology Is Shaping and Sustaining the Cannabis Supply Chain (YorkPedia Editorial):- Sherman Oaks, California Jan 15, 2023 ( – Released by: The EMTRI Corp Mendocino Clone Company (MCC), a leading provider of high-quality cannabis clones, announced today that it has joined the EMTRI Project, a decentralized cannabis supply chain community, as their lead nursery member inside the ecosystem and has implemented EMTRI Corp and tech partner, Global Compliance Applications Corp’s blockchain-based solution to certify the authenticity, genetics, and batch of each of its mother plants & clones for the 2023…

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C2IMPRESS: Co-Creative Improved Understanding and Awareness of Multi-Hazard Risks for Disaster Resilient Society

A €5.09 MILLION Grant for C2IMPRESS: Co-Creative Improved Understanding and Awareness of Multi-Hazard Risks for Disaster Resilient Society THE C2IMPRESS PROJECT IS CO-FUNDED BY EUROPEAN COMMISSION AND UKRI. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Manchester, United Kingdom Jan 13, 2023 ( – 16 INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS ARE INVOLVED IN THE C2IMPRESS CONSORTIUM. ON 24-25TH OCTOBER, A MEETING IN ISTANBUL (TURKEY) KICKED OFF THE PROJECT. European Commission has granted the 3-year project Co-creative Improved Understanding and Awareness of Multi-Hazard Risks for Disaster Resilient Society (C2IMPRESS) with 5.09 million. The project has received funding from a Research and Innovation…

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