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Hong Kong protest activists go undemocratic: shut other people’s mouths up, creating fake book reviews

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Australian Capital Territory, Oct 16, 2020 ( – Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick Facts that Western Countries do not know written by Hong Kong citizen, Selina Co (in Australia), is a rare book that speaks against the protests. It informs Western countries on the vast anti-protest voices in the Hong Kong Community. While most reviewers have been appreciative about this book, few fake book reviews start to pop-up in Amazon, Kobo and Google Play.  The Amazon 1-star Review by “Hung Hoi Chun” claimed the book fails to mention “the…

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Clean Single: Motivation Rap! POWER SANTANA “My Bag” 2020

Power Santana (YorkPedia Editorial):- Nashville, Oct 15, 2020 ( – POWER SANTANA is a young rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.  He was born Power Santana on September 25, 2010 and on the rise to fame in late 2020 after releasing his debut single “MY BAG”, a song about getting to a grind and motivating others to be anything if they apply pressure to life.  He is an American R&B and hip hop recording artist. Check out “My Bag” and stay tuned for the highly anticipated future of Kid Actor, Rapper and Model Power, which will…

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Why the Hate? Bold Love Can Build Bridges

A pastor’s uncommon journey to building bridges & pursuing peace by bold loving others (YorkPedia Editorial):- Fort Worth, Sep 23, 2020 ( – With the nation in a hostile season from a pandemic to racial injustice to this year being an election year – how can one get through this season without destroying relationships? How can the nation come to an understanding that no matter your view to work together toward a common goal of resilient communities? Hatred and disunity have become the marks of our nation. Although some say it has…

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Intentional Talk Radio Network “A Call To Action” Virtual Town Hall Meeting Promotes Election Day Urgency

The live virtual Town Hall features prominent speakers who will talk about the importance of exercising your right to vote. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 22, 2020 ( – Intentional Talk Radio Network is calling America to count down the days until the next election and help promote the right to vote. It is time for a “Call to Action” and a positive change. Intentional Talk Radio Network’s objective is to influence, encourage, inspire, and motivate all people to vote and vote responsibly. Promoting the right to vote is a responsible and…

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Shincheonji Church of Jesus held a Prayer Service to End COVID-19 with People from All Religions Worldwide

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Sep 19, 2020 ( – 19 September – Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony held an online prayer service for all people of all religions worldwide, to pray for an end to COVID-19.   The online prayer service was held on the afternoon of September 16th for all domestic and international congregation members of Shincheonji Church. The church members came together virtually in their respective homes to pray to God for the end of COVID-19. All people from all religions were also invited…

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Psychic Reader Peter Has Helped Thousands of People from Around the World During Covid-19

Psychic Reader Peter 2nd Generation Psychic is Helping People Across the World, Thanks to the Internet. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Sep 13, 2020 ( – Psychic Reader Peter a second Generation and son of the late Psychic Medium Dr. Julie Sousa. Peter has been assisting many through COVID-19 (coronavirus), around the world. Many have been either financially displaced, emotionally dismantled, or facing relationship challenges. Psychic Reader Peter has been assisting them to cope and find direction through these very difficult times. Psychic Reader Peter has been assisting and providing psychic therapy through various…

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National Coalition Launches To Abolish Constitutional Slavery And Involuntary Servitude In America

The Abolish Slavery National Network is Fighting to Remove Exceptions for Slavery in U.S. and State Constitutions (YorkPedia Editorial):- Denver, Sep 2, 2020 ( – The Abolish Slavery National Network (ASNN) today announced the launch of a nationwide effort to remove exceptions for slavery and involuntary servitude in the U.S. Constitution as well as state constitutions across the country. ASNN is a coalition of 6 organizations and nearly 100 supporting individuals and groups who believe that the fight to eradicate systemic racism cannot be won as long as the country’s foundational documents…

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The Award-Winning Film You Need this Election Season is Streaming Now

THE DIVISIBLE premieres worldwide on YouTube today. An interracial couple fights to protect their son in a dystopian nation deeply divided by race. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 1, 2020 ( – In a land where division abounds, and structures we once relied on are coming apart at the seams, it takes courage to ask:  “What is it that truly divides the people of this nation?” and “What will it take to unite us?”    THE DIVISIBLE is a multi-award winning film which has its World Premiere on YouTube today, tackling the…

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Research reveals: racism and bigotry against black women have taken over social media

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wilmington, Aug 26, 2020 ( – With the Black Lives Matters protest in full swing across the world, following the tragic death of George Floyd in the US, a new book brings staggering results showing that racism remains deep-rooted in society and besides, it has taken over social media platforms. No Laughing Matter: Race Joking and Resistance in Brazilian Social Media by Luiz Valério P. Trindade examines the main ideological motivations and the embedded meaning of racist jokes on social media aimed at upwardly mobile black women. Trindade argues that…

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Ratio of National Debt worse ever recorded

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Washington, D.C, Aug 25, 2020 ( – At the end of the first quarter, the ratio of National Debt to Gross Domestic Product was the worse in recorded history, it was 107%, at the end of the first quarter. This ratio surpassed the highest recorded following WWII. Today’s national debt now stands at 26.5 trillion dollars, which indicates it will be much worse for the second quarter. Today’s national debt now stands at 26.5 trillion dollars, which indicates it will be much worse for the second quarter. The United States…

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