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The Rise of Nitrous Oxide Cylinder Tanks – How They Affect The Market

An Article by Triple Eights (YorkPedia Editorial):- Southport, Merseyside Mar 21, 2023 ( – The Rise of Nitrous Oxide Cylinder Tanks: A Game-Changer in the Market. This article by Triple Eights will discuss the rise of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Cylinder Tanks in the culinary market and see how they compare with classic Cream Chargers. N2O Cylinder Tanks have been increasingly popular in the market due to their versatility and effectiveness in a wide range of industries. From the food and beverage industry to the medical field, N2O cylinder tanks have become a…

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Extreme Chef Jobs – Chef Jobs That are out of the Ordinary

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Beverly Hills, California Mar 1, 2023 ( – Private Chefs Inc. is the  World’s Elite Private Chef Agency, for more information, go to to learn more. Submarine Chefs Yacht chefs may have an idea of the challenges of cooking at sea in close quarters, but only a submarine chef can understand what it’s like to prepare complete meals in that tight space for a hungry crew of 150 every six hours! Not to mention the mental strain of being submerged way below sea level for months at a time.…

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New Small Business Phone Service Launches to Streamline Customer Communication

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Tampa, Florida Feb 13, 2023 ( – A new small business phone service, Caller Intercept, has been launched to help businesses avoid missed phone calls and improve customer communication. The “call-to-text” system offers a modern solution for small businesses to better manage phone calls, increase online orders and reservations, and enhance the overall customer experience. A recent case study conducted with a local small business showed remarkable results after implementing Caller Intercept. The small business was able to retain $1250 in a month on missed phone calls alone, which…

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Kuinji and Estesis Lab Transform Food Ordering with Cutting-Edge AI Solution: Foodscanner

Innovative Partnership Brings Next-Generation Ordering Experience to Customers and Restaurants Alike (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Feb 3, 2023 ( – Kuinji, a premier accelerator based in London, is delighted to announce its partnership with Estesis Lab, a pioneering AI Lab. Together, they have launched Foodscanner, a revolutionary AI order recognition tool that promises to transform the way we order food. Foodscanner allows customers to experience a fast, seamless, and intuitive ordering and payment process. Simply place food items on the tray and Foodscanner’s sophisticated AI technology will immediately identify the items…

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Antipodean Johor Bahru opens in Malaysia

Award winning New Zealand specialty coffee chain, Antipodean Coffee, opened today in Johor Bahru. The licensee cafe adds to the brands already glittering presence in Southeast Asia. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Negeri Johor, Malaysia Jan 31, 2023 ( – Antipodean coffee, a long-time star in the Southeast Asian cafe sector, launched its flagship South Malaysia cafe today. The cafe, located at the main entrance to the IGB-owned The Mall at Southkey, will cater to local Johoreans as well as close Singaporeans craving the award-winning coffee and breakfast/brunch cuisine that the cafe chain is famous…

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Aberdeen Oak: Quality Craftsmanship – Style

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Phoenix, Arizona Jan 24, 2023 ( – Aberdeen Oak offers a variety of products for the home bartender, from the classic decanter and rocks glass set to the Whiskey Stones 6 Piece Set. Every piece is crafted with premium quality materials, ensuring an enjoyable experience every time you take a sip. The Decanter and Rocks Glass set is perfect for entertaining with its timeless design and effortless style. It includes four rocks glasses and a beautiful crystal clear decanter. The decanter holds up to thirty ounces of your favorite whiskey,…

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Marshall – Brown – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee celebrates ‘One Love’ on Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Day

Award-winning purveyors of fine Jamaican fayre, Marshall & Brown, celebrate Jamaica’s Finest on Blue Mountain Coffee Day, celebrated on Monday, 9th January 2023. (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Jan 6, 2023 ( – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – perfect for coffee connoisseurs who could do with a little pick-me-up, especially in today’s working-from-home environment.   “Blue Mountain Coffee Day in recognition of January 9, 1967, when 60% of that year’s harvest was shipped from the Port of Kingston, Jamaica to Japan. This very large shipment of coffee marked the beginning of a new…

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TAB Street is excited to announce a milestone of 5000 vetted food allergy and gluten free listings

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Baltimore, Maryland Jan 3, 2023 ( – TAB Street is excited to announce that we have reached a milestone number of over 5000 vetted listings of food allergy and gluten-free vetted restaurants, bakeries, and more. We verify all listings at the time of entry for food allergy listings, gluten-free also adds other special diet information when we find it. We know that for most people, making a choice to eat out is sometimes just deciding what they are in the mood for, but when you have food allergies that choice…

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Dhoni backed ShakaHarry to be the first plant-based meat experience outlet at Bengaluru Airport

  The Dine in cum Grab and Go outlet to offer over two dozen plant based meat food varieties to the travellers   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Dec 19, 2022 ( – Shaka Harry, India’s best-performing plant-based meat brand has launched its first offline experience outlet at the Bengaluru International airport. The Dine in cum Grab and Go outlet will offer over two dozen plant-based meat food varieties to travellers seeking to enjoy a quick healthy meal while on the move. Shaka Harry is the first plant-based meat brand to open its…

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New Delhi Based Startup Olorio is revolutionizing the chocolate market .

  OLORIO is India’s first multi-brand chocolate ecosystem that brings all premium chocolate brands together on one platform so that chocotarians can easily find the best choice using advanced technology tools.   New Delhi, Dec 7, 2022 ( – OLORIO is India’s first multi-brand chocolate ecosystem that brings all premium chocolate brands together on one platform so that chocotarians can easily find the best choice using the advanced technology tools that it provides to its customers and brands. OLORIO is Integrating all chocolate brands together. As a chocotarians, now there won’t be…

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