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Announcing the beginning of the “Rilakkuma 20th Anniversary USA Tour”!

  Beginning on Friday, June 9, Rilakkuma will visit 6 major cities across the United States!   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan May 9, 2023 ( – For the first time in their 20-year history, Rilakkuma will embark on an overseas adventure this summer, traveling around the U.S. on their first-ever truck tour. The tour will be selling original goods and interacting with fans! To commemorate the 20th year since the birth of the popular character “Rilakkuma”, SAN-X CO., LTD. will hold the “Rilakkuma 20th Anniversary USA Tour”, which will tour six major…

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Fancy Chess Reveals Best Selling Chess Sets for Gifts

Based on sales data from the past year, Fancy Chess has found that Themed Chess Sets are the most popular gifts for chess enthusiasts, as well as Chess Boards with Storage. (YorkPedia Editorial):- North York, Ontario Mar 19, 2023 ( – According to the data, the top-selling Themed Chess Sets include sets such as the “Crusades Templar Knights”, “Civil War Generals”, and “American Revolutionary War”. These sets are popular for their unique and intricate designs, which offer a one-of-a-kind playing experience for chess lovers. The colors and detailed features of the Themed…

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Carbon Balance, A New Resource For eCommerce Businesses To Participate In Environmental Sustainability Has Launched

  The pre-seed-funded, Singapore-based technology company aims to assist eCommerce businesses in Southeast Asia to educate consumers and support positive environmental change.   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Feb 9, 2023 ( – Carbon Balance Pte. Ltd., a climate-tech start-up headquartered in Singapore, announced that it commenced operations in January 2023. The company is focused on aiding eCommerce companies in Southeast Asia and beyond, leveraging technology to achieve a harmonious balance between business growth and sustainability while raising awareness of the urgent issue of climate change Founded by Homam Alghorani, Chief Executive Officer,…

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TIANQINGJI: The Perfect Blend of Style and Quality

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Feb 26, 2023 ( – TIANQINGJI is a leading luxury leather goods brand known for its new line of handcrafted leather bags. Each bag is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, utilising only the finest materials available. The brand is dedicated to offering its customers a unique and timeless product that they can rely on for years. Are you looking for a stylish and durable accessory to complement your wardrobe? Look no further than handmade leather bags! Handmade leather bags are the perfect…

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Happy Hippy Herbals is Taking Australia by Storm!

Australia’s most affordable and effective oil just got even better! (YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria Feb 17, 2023 ( – Since Happy Hippy Herbals opened their doors late in 2022, after a few road bumps and a name change; the husband and wife team (affectionately known as “The Hippies” are now in a position to become one of the leaders in natural pain therapies. Processing over 1500 orders in 4 weeks, the Hippies have had their hands full! From their base level oil called “Purple Label” (strengths range from low to super strong)…

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7 ways to showcase house plants for decoration – Tips from Top Designers at Home Soft Things

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ontario, California Feb 15, 2023 ( – Plants are a wonderful way to bring life and vigor to interiors. Nothing brightens up a room like lush greenery, and the good influence plants have on our health and wellness is well-proven. With so many indoor plants to choose from, from small strings of pearls to the big bird of paradise plants and indoor trees like figs and citrus, the possibilities for decorating with plants are limitless. There is a house plant for every room and occasion, whether you want to brighten…

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The First Eleven Steps to Decorating a New House – The Best Tips from Home Decor Experts

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ontario, California Feb 15, 2023 ( – Moving into a new home is a significant event, but it may be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. It might be difficult to know how to decorate your house on a budget. The Design Experts at Home Soft Things are here to help. They have laid out the key initial stages of decorating a new house in this blog so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The Experts at Home Soft Things have compiled a list of stages…

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Shenzhen Oyea Machinery Atom Cutters – Cutting Machine Product catalog Accessories and Consumables Spare Parts blades

Shenzhen Oyea Machinery Co., Ltd Atom Cutters & Cutting Machine Product catalog Accessories and Consumables Spare Parts atom blades model (YorkPedia Editorial):- Alexander City, Alabama Feb 8, 2023 ( – Shenzhen Oyea Machinery Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of quality knives, router bits, and other quality consumables, which are specifically designed for your cutter system and all range of applications. This ensures a consistently high-quality standard throughout the entire production process. OYEA knives, cutters, and other consumables are developed and manufactured by experts specifically to meet the requirements of the markets.…

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Accelerated Health Products Launches Exclusive 3-in-1 Formula Thyroid Supplement

Accelerated Thyroid™ is a brand new 3-in-1 thyroid supplement that combines ancient herbal wisdom with the advances of glandular therapy. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Newport Beach, California Jan 27, 2023 ( – Fast-growing US supplement company, Accelerated Health Products, has just launched it’s exclusive 3-in-1 thyroid supplement, selling out in its first week of release. This cutting-edge thyroid supplement combines three different thyroid formulas into one. The combination synergizes the effectiveness of the formulas as well as saves customers the expense of buying two separate formulations. Additional ingredients were then added to enhance not just thyroid…

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Change Your Filters Regularly to Prolong Your HVAC System Lifespan With United Filter Company

United Filter Company talks about the best furnace filters to improve the overall lifespan of your HVAC system. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Mississauga, Ontario Jan 24, 2023 ( – A furnace filter eliminates impurities from the air before it is conditioned. Furnace filters are commonly installed in buildings with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and people spend money on changing them at least once a year. United Filter has a wide range of 5″ furnace filters effective at controlling dust, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. They are suitable for installation in…

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