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Accelerated Health Products Launches Exclusive 3-in-1 Formula Thyroid Supplement


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Accelerated Thyroid™ is a brand new 3-in-1 thyroid supplement that combines ancient herbal wisdom with the advances of glandular therapy.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Newport Beach, California Jan 27, 2023 ( – Fast-growing US supplement company, Accelerated Health Products, has just launched it’s exclusive 3-in-1 thyroid supplement, selling out in its first week of release.

This cutting-edge thyroid supplement combines three different thyroid formulas into one. The combination synergizes the effectiveness of the formulas as well as saves customers the expense of buying two separate formulations. Additional ingredients were then added to enhance not just thyroid health but overall physical and mental health.

Why is Accelerated Thyroid better than other thyroid supplements?

By combining three different formulas into one, Accelerated Thyroid is a powerful thyroid supplement that can help support thyroid health naturally.

Accelerated Thyroid is Bio-Energetically Enhanced with proprietary Scalar Field Technology (SFT) to imbue specific healing patterns into this product.  The Scalar frequencies include:

  • Enhancing the general health of the thyroid
  • Neutralizing toxins found in the thyroid such as chlorine, fluorine, mercury, and other metals
  • Neutralizing radiation and nuclear fallout.

Sara Banta, certified supplement expert, health coach, and host of Accelerated Health Radio & Television, states “I’m so excited to launch Accelerated Thyroid and to already receive such positive feedback from customers. Thyroid imbalance is often the root cause of so many issues including weight gain, depression, fatigue and so much more. Accelerated Thyroid is an exciting in advancement in thyroid supplementation”.

sara banta founder accelerated heath products

Media Contact

Accelerated Health Products

[email protected]

(949) 244-0798

3090 Pullman St, Costa Mesa, California, 92626, United States

Accelerated Health Products
Accelerated Health Products is a growing US supplement brand delivering cutting-edge, bio-enhanced supplements created to transform body, mind, and spirit.
[email protected]
3090 Pullman St, Costa Mesa, California, 92626, United States

(949) 244-0798


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