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Happy Hippy Herbals is Taking Australia by Storm!


Happy Hippy Herbals Most Powerful Oil

Australia’s most affordable and effective oil just got even better!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria Feb 17, 2023 ( – Since Happy Hippy Herbals opened their doors late in 2022, after a few road bumps and a name change; the husband and wife team (affectionately known as “The Hippies” are now in a position to become one of the leaders in natural pain therapies.

Processing over 1500 orders in 4 weeks, the Hippies have had their hands full! From their base level oil called “Purple Label” (strengths range from low to super strong) for everyday use, all the way to their pure plant extract called purity 850; there really is a product for everyone. Being 100% Organic, 100% Plant Based and 100% Vegan, the oils Happy Hippy Herbals manufacture are safe for the whole family (including our fur babies we all love so dearly). All products for sale at (their website) are all manufactured in Australia with Australian made and grown ingredients.

When asked about the legality of their products due to Australia’s laws being in their infancy, HHH assure us they are completely licensed to manufacture and distribute (which was confirmed on their license from the Vic Dept of Ag) and only purchase the bio mass needed to manufacture their unique plant based healing oils from other licensed farmers based in Mildura, Daylesford and Byron Bay. They also run their very own licensed farm which this writer enjoyed wandering through as I’ve never had the pleasure. (It was surprisingly cool even on a 40 degree plus day in the mallee).

With such high quality products, one would assume the prices would be out of reach for the average person. Not so. Happy Hippy Herbals are possibly the most affordable online retailer of plant based products Australia wide. With prices from $100 to $500, there is a product for everyone to enjoy and to heal with.

To wrap it up. Happy Hippy Herbals are on the fast track to become the go to supplier for anyone needing quality plant based oils in Australia.


Happy Hippy Herbals Gold Label Strong Oil

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Happy Hippy Herbals
Happy Hippy Herbals is the leading supplier of CBD based therapies in Australia.


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