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ShoesSee store offers the online sale of superior quality shoes at an affordable price range

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hong Kong, Oct 29, 2020 ( – It is not easy to find the quality footwear worldwide, but makes it simple to buy them in no time. Each pair of shoes is crafted meticulously by the skilled shoemakers in the Hong Kong. All the shoes are repaired and re-soled to increase the life of the footwear. The company believes in providing high-quality products that you can wear for a long without any issue. The truly sustainable footwear gives comfort and adds style without any extra effort. has acquired…

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Quick questions with Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel

Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel’s music is at once introspective and hedonistic, matched with the vibrancy of alt-pop production, sometimes crafted by the artist himself. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Lagos, Oct 26, 2020 ( – Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel is a Nigerian artist. Within this few months, he has been a fast rising musical artist. Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel also known as Some4real was born April 8th 2001. He is a USA based citizen.    Recently, he had an interview with MK Media and these was all about the interview:  1)What is the first thing you’ll do when…

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Clean Single: Motivation Rap! POWER SANTANA “My Bag” 2020

Power Santana (YorkPedia Editorial):- Nashville, Oct 15, 2020 ( – POWER SANTANA is a young rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.  He was born Power Santana on September 25, 2010 and on the rise to fame in late 2020 after releasing his debut single “MY BAG”, a song about getting to a grind and motivating others to be anything if they apply pressure to life.  He is an American R&B and hip hop recording artist. Check out “My Bag” and stay tuned for the highly anticipated future of Kid Actor, Rapper and Model Power, which will…

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Lousiana-based Businessman and Fitness Influencer Reinvents himself and finds Success

Businessman and Fitness Influencer, Acy Brown, Reinvents himself through Multiple Business Ventures and a Formidable Brand (YorkPedia Editorial):- Ruston, Oct 12, 2020 ( – Louisiana-based businessman has his sights on building his empire with viable success strategies and a venerable brand. Acy Brown has worked hard to achieve the level of success that he has attained over the years. His business acumen paired with his dogged determination to excel have propelled him to the next level! Acy Brown has a proven track record in the world of business. His successful ventures have…

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Avail the Best Fashion and Technically-Convenient Shopping Experience with Woke and Fly

Woke and Fly is an enterprise where they allow people to shop from their varieties of wears at a very low cost and customer convenience. They have redefined the shopping experience by integrating technology like never before. Owned by a group of goal-oriented best friends, they are the current game changer with their clothing collection. The franchise is a New York fashion brand that is well known for evoking high-flying deeds in the area of incorporating fashion technology and human self into one. The brand name was coined from two…

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Xtasy Clothing Provides Top Custom Clothign Design Brand

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Oct 7, 2020 ( – Here at Xtasy clothing, our goal is to give full satisfaction guarantee to our loyal customers by providing the best customer service where you are our main priority. Our mission here is to become one of the top custom clothing design brand where our main goal is to save endangered species by you purchasing a shirt or any product by Xtasy Clothing i am donating 10% of every sale made to a project i call Extant. We here at Xtasy Are Honor to…

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Nickie Davis Minority Business Leader, Participates In ‘Questions For A Cause’ As An Expert

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Oct 6, 2020 ( – Get the answers you need while giving to those in need. Speaking to experts is a common way to gain a lot of information about a topic quickly. Experts can synthesize an informally large amount of knowledge into layman’s terms that are much easier to understand than a meta-analysis or other form of formal synthesis. Connect now with Nickie Davis, a minority business leader, and industry expert to gain valuable advice and answers. Nickie is a hometown girl who immersed herself in Columbia’s…

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Global Art Index has released their Art Price Index

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Oct 5, 2020 ( – We are delighted to announce the launch of Global Art Index. With an enthusiastic team of art and tech lovers, Global Art Index will be offering over 8 million artworks by more than 500,000 artists. Global Art Index will also support artists, art writers, art critics and will be covering auctions, art exhibitions and other art events globally. Global Art Index assures you that, we will do our best to serve you with the utmost care and share the latest data with…

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Launch of the Celebrity Brand Development Company Creative Capital Artists

London, Sep 29, 2020 ( – Leading artists in entertainment, digital, fashion and sports have a remarkable new resource available in Creative Capital Artists, focused on the development of celebrity-driven consumer brands, helping artists build new revenue streams, brand equity and company value. Brand building done by the deeply experienced in an extremely effective, lasting way: Artist Empowerment through Brand Ownership.  Turning an international artists celebrity into next-generation digital-first brands is both an art and a science. It is also something that Dr. Daniel Alexander van Skye has built a remarkable reputation…

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2020 Tao Beauty – Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce Mid-Year Summit Was Successfully Held to Facilitate Retail Revival

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Shanghai, Sep 27, 2020 ( – The “Retail Revival” 2020 TBCCC Mid-year Summit kicked off in Shanghai on September 3. Hosted by Tao Beauty & Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce (TBCCC) and exclusively titled by Geoskincare, the Summit is the largest event of 2020 for China’s beauty & cosmetics E-commerce industry. TBCCC invited tens of thousands of omnichannel retailers, over 2,500 global brands, over 50 leading MCN organizations, thousands of media celebrities and over 50 mainstream platforms to participate in the Summit. At the Summit, TBCCC President Mr. Jian said that…

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