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Entrepreneur Shereena Delgado Helps Young Girls Develop Confidence Through Modeling Academy

(YorkPedia Editorial):- White Plains, New York Mar 19, 2023 ( – Serial Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer Shereena Delgado announced today that she is seeking to help young girls develop confidence through modeling and mentorship via her Modeling Academy “Straight Walk Runway“. Aware of the challenges that many young girls face when it comes to confidence and self-esteem, Delgado is committed to using her expertise in the modeling industry and her Christian faith to empower young girls to become confident, successful women. According to Delgado, modeling can be a powerful tool to…

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New Jewelry Brand offers the world’s first carbon negative diamonds

Diamonds made entirely from recaptured carbon emissions. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Worcester, Massachusetts Mar 16, 2023 ( – Massachusetts jeweler Ilah Cibis is set to open her flagship store in Worcester this spring and will be the only jeweler in New England offering Aether Diamonds, the world’s only lab-grown diamonds made entirely from reclaimed atmospheric carbon. Her jewelry and the diamonds are already available on her website at Lab-grown diamonds have become a popular option for people looking for affordable alternatives to mined diamonds. At prices, 40 to 60 percent less than minded…

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Fayro is the Proud CEO of New Indie Label Arcelio Productions

Fayro talks about New Indie Label, Arcelio Productions (YorkPedia Editorial):- Memphis, Tennessee Mar 15, 2023 ( – Independent Artist Fayro is no newcomer to the music game. With a catalog of 10 Albums and 6 mixtapes, it seems that this artist has been working for quite some time. After years of grinding as an Indie, the Artist recently made quite a move and invested in legalizing his own Label, Arcelio Productions, and signing himself to the label as an artist. “This is only the beginning, We have been doing it all for…

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Designer Elie Balleh Raises Awareness for Autism

  Autistic Children Models Elie Balleh Design during NYFW   New York City, Feb 6, 2023 ( – Designer Elie Balleh Raises Awareness for Autism “Autistic Children Models Elie Balleh Design during NYFW” Please Join Us Monday, 2/6/23, @5pm for International Fashion Designer Elie Balleh NYFW Runway Show @ The Sanctuary Roosevelt Island 851 Main St, New York, NY 10044 International Celebrity Designer Elie Balleh supports and Raises Awareness for Autism. “Autistic Children Models Elie Balleh Design during New York Fashion Week” Their unique talents are being showcased to highlight the fantastic…

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Paloceras Introduces Limited-Edition Digital Spectacles: A Visionary Fusion of Art and Technology in Eyewear

Revolutionary design meets cutting-edge innovation in groundbreaking eyewear collection (YorkPedia Editorial):- Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal Mar 15, 2023 ( – Celebrating the arrival of spring, Paloceras, the avant-garde design powerhouse renowned for its digital artistry, proudly unveils its inaugural eyewear collection, masterfully crafted by award-winning designers Alexis Perron-Corriveau and Mika Matikainen. The PUFF limited-edition series offers a mesmerizing blend of fantasy and reality through its captivating digital spectacles. These one-of-a-kind pieces transport wearers to an ethereal realm, where artistry and innovation unite in a symphony of sensory delight, transforming them…

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Pannoop : How a Thai woman became an international model

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bangkok, Thailand Mar 5, 2023 ( – Pannoop is not just a name but a brand of its own. She is dedicated to her craft of bringing people’s vision to life, as well as giving every project her personal touch.  She fell into the modeling industry by chance, but this happy accident turned out to be the very thing that changed her life completely. Pannoop cultivates her relationship with her clients and their vision which has helped her reach new heights and gain success within no time. She runs an…

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Swim2u Swim School Releases Guide on Choosing the Perfect Swimwear for Singapore’s Weather

Find Your Perfect Fit: Swim2u Swim School Provides In-Depth Guide on Choosing Swimwear for Singapore’s Climate (YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Mar 5, 2023 ( – Swim2u Swim School is a leading provider of swimming lessons in Singapore, dedicated to teaching the essential life skill of swimming to people of all ages and abilities. With a focus on providing high-quality and practical swimwear, Swim2u Swim School has released a comprehensive guide to assist in choosing the perfect swimwear for Singapore’s weather. Are you in need of new swimwear? With so many options on…

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Successful start to US outreach plan for Hagley West founder

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 3, 2023 ( – Owner and founder of UK watch business Hagley West, Tim Hayden, celebrated his temporary US relocation in Brooklyn, New York last week by achieving some important business landmarks. The business sold more than £9,000 worth of watches within 48 hours of Hayden’s arrival, with the majority of those sales coming from the target US market. Significantly, Hagley West also received notice that its US business trademarking had been accepted, which will be vital for the future growth of the business…

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  ENERGYNEVERDIESS & PR James Lee of NYC talks Music, Fashion , Movies & Romance   Los Angeles, Feb 24, 2023 ( – A interview about Multi Genre Music Artist ENERGYNEVERDIESS favorite hobbies and passions James Lee When did you begin to take music seriously ENERGYNEVERDIESS  Around the time of June. 18 2018 i recorded Satan’s Plan and that’s when everything took off for me. James Lee Songs like EVERYTHING from 6FeettilHell Are one of your more  popular songs why not just make music like that ENERGYNEVERDIESS ill always make songs like…

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Money Papi Is Spreading Positivity among All with His Inspiring Podcasts

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Montreal, Quebec Feb 27, 2023 ( – In the daunting situation where people are not being able to find positivity, MONEYPAPI is spreading a positive charm among everyone. He has taken the initiative of sending positive vibes to his listeners from all around the world. Utilizing his natural talent, he is reaching out to a large audience base instantly. He believes that he has a purpose to fulfill, which is to make everyone happy in life. This beautiful concept and his unique way of accomplishing the work have captivated many listeners.…

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