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Fayro is the Proud CEO of New Indie Label Arcelio Productions



Fayro talks about New Indie Label, Arcelio Productions

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Memphis, Tennessee Mar 15, 2023 ( – Independent Artist Fayro is no newcomer to the music game. With a catalog of 10 Albums and 6 mixtapes, it seems that this artist has been working for quite some time. After years of grinding as an Indie, the Artist recently made quite a move and invested in legalizing his own Label, Arcelio Productions, and signing himself to the label as an artist. “This is only the beginning, We have been doing it all for ourselves since the beginning. We do everything we have to do to succeed. We record, mix, master, shoot videos, edit videos, and throw concerts, and we have been doing everything a label would profit from anyway. It’s time to put the stamp on it and move forward” says Fayro.

While signing himself he also signed his Producer/Manager and Marketing Manager Cymphani Cyrine and there is no stopping this duo. Many say this duo is a problem in the Music Industry being not only talented but also with the ability to wear many hats. The two have been working together since 2015 and it isn’t ending any time soon. 

The label finalization is just in time for the release of the upcoming album “My Homage” set to be released on 3/21/2023 featuring the single “In the Socket” 

2023 has been a year of many accomplishments for this team from movies to music and there is much more to come. Follow the team at the links below.

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Cymphani Cyrine

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Arcelio Productions Social Media @goteamap

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Cymphani Social Media @cymphanimusic

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Arcelio Productions
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