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Penny Stock Completely Undervalued, Getting Ready To Soar

Have You Been Looking For The Right Penny Stock To Invest In? Look No Further (YorkPedia Editorial):- Colorado Springs, Sep 8, 2020 ( – ETechJive announced last week that we are going to begin a new section on our news/discussion website. ETechJive has been very much about modern tech and all that it entails. This new section is going to be on stocks, which one could argue still stays in that lane. Trading stocks today is very different than days of old. Technology dominates how stocks are traded today and below is…

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Generational Moment in Time to Profit in Ecommerce – And the Fall of the Risk-Averse

DWS Holding Corporation (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Aug 21, 2020 ( – DWS Holding Corp. – 4 Subsidiaries Grossing 7-Figures or More Each – Actively Hiring (Startup Apparel Model/Brand Model) DWS Holding Corp. has announced Micro-Grant Program for which ANYONE is qualified. Submit your Application via the Link Below. This is not a gimmick, there are no-strings attached. The economy is in shambles, and it’s citizens struggling. This is our way of giving back to the very same constituency whose purchases have allowed me to get to where I am at. Apply Below…

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Self-Improvement Just Got Easier!

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Austin, Aug 20, 2020 ( – Announcing the launch of, the innovative online platform solely focused on self-development. No matter where anyone is in life, there are always things people may want to improve upon and further develop. Whether it is improving personal relationships, becoming more healthy, or finding that awesome new job, many struggle attempting to achieve those goals. They could use assistance in working toward positive change but will not ask for help as they view their challenges as a private matter. Wouldn’t it be great if…

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Maintain Healthy Carpets with the Best Cleaning Services in Town with Brenton Carpet Care

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Nottingham, Jun 26, 2020 ( – Nottingham carpet cleaning company, Brenton Carpet Care provides their expert services in and around Nottingham in upholstery and carpet cleaning. Their experience in the field for over 20 years as a family-run business has paved the way for one of the best services in cleaning, stain, and odour removal procedures in the area. For anyone based in and around Nottinghamshire looking to maintain and clean their carpets, Brenton Carpet Care is one of the best services in the area offering technological advancements and conveniences…

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Free “Simple Business Canvas” Tool Launched by to Help Businesses Survive COVID-19

Enabling Businesses To Simplify Thier Thinking To Accelerate Their Response To The Global Pandemic (YorkPedia Editorial):- Amsterdam, May 22, 2020 ( – The coaching platform for small businesses,, announces the launch of its Simple Business Canvas – a simplification tool enabling businesses to refocus and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent survey, 87 percent of small business owners have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. In response, the one-page Simple Business Canvas has been designed for everyday entrepreneurs everywhere to achieve clarity, confidence, and control in uncertain times. Available as…

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MentorBoost Offers Free Online Personal Finance Workshop

Four-Week Workshop Offers Practical Tips for Personal and Business Benefit (YorkPedia Editorial):- Encinitas, May 18, 2020 ( – Beginning Tuesday, May 19th MentorBoost, an eLearning platform for Entrepreneurs, will offer a FREE four-week Instructor-led workshop designed to help anyone and everyone. Although MentorBoost primarily focuses on education for entrepreneurs, they are offering a hands-on program to benefit anyone looking to get practical tips on managing and improving their personal finances. This life-changing course offers four (1) hour sessions guided by MentorBoost founder Chris Holbrook. Chris has many years of experience as an…

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Pandemic Response IT Event to Raise Funds for COVID-19 May 18-20, 2020

(YorkPedia Editorial):- District of Columbia, May 13, 2020 ( – The first-ever Futureproof IT summit was announced early last month an event put on by Alectrona, Abelloni, Technolutionary and the MacAdmins Podcast., Apple consultants looking to give back amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Futureproof IT scheduled for a May 18th – 20th  is “A first of its kind virtual summit, bringing together global tech leaders to address the operational, security, and financial impact of COVID-19.” meant for IT professionals and small businesses owners around the world.  ALL PROCEEDS from Futureproof IT 2020 are being donated to Heart to…

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FORTUNE 100 CO. Hiring in Atlanta, Ga

A Career For All Times (YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Apr 13, 2020 ( – COVID 19 immediate Release:To be released 3/23/2020SMRU: 1849455 Exp: 6/1/2020 Subject: A Career for all times Protecting your family is what matters most to you, and it’s no different for us. Being an agent for New York Life means being able to help families through times like these. Our agents are here to protect the financial futures of our clients and those close to them – now and always. We are proud to offer our agents the resources and…

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Square Capital Redacts Small Business Loan Offers In Lieu of COVID-19

Square Payments Boo Boo. Maybe Try A Better Processor??? (YorkPedia Editorial):- Kemah, Apr 3, 2020 ( – While the Nation’s small businesses are partially struggling, their longtime payment partner is tightening the reins on their Capital Loan requirements. But why? Most small business partners with Square on their Square Capital Forum.  The only valid answers from the company so far have been that they are continuously monitoring the situation and they are providing support resources as needed.  Support resources thus far for COVID-19 impacted small businesses have been:  Subscription fee reimbursements Gift…

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Free Remote work tool: “HomyWorks” is now open to the public.

HomyWorks enables all employees to see other in remote work environment. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Tokyo, Mar 23, 2020 ( – Free Remote work tool: “HomyWorks” is now open to the public. Upon establishment of Westacton Inc. (Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, CEO Taro Noguchi), all our employees from the three countries have been working remotely. Considering a tremendous outbreak of disease and the necessity of lockdown globally, we decided to open our tool to the public for free. HomyWorks is a remote work tool that enables everyone to see each other through a browser to…

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