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Amy and Shawn Summers, TM3 United Business Consultants, reach Rank of Sr.Vice President and surpass $26,000 earnings.


Amy and Shawn Summers

The Summers consulting business gains momentum.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- American Fork, Utah Jan 21, 2023 ( – Amy and Shawn Summers have already achieved many milestones, in just two months, after starting their TM3 United Consulting Business. One milestone includes earning the rank of Senior Vice-President.

Earning the prestigious rank of Senior Vice President is rewarding the Summers with total earnings in the first two commission periods of $26,799*. The Summers received a TM3 United Senior Vice-President Rank Bonus of $6,250, in addition to their other rank bonuses totaling $9,000.

Achieving this consulting level puts the Summers in good company with some of the top earners in the entire industry. This achievement speaks to the momentum currently experienced by the Company and driven by the Business Consultants of TM3 United.

Amy and Shawn Summers live in Hays, Kansas. They have four amazing children. Shawn is a Kansas State Police Trooper (A hero to all of us). Amy is a successful motivational speaker and operates her own online fitness company. They have been building their TM3 United consulting business for 8 weeks. Amy’s favorite product is Transform, which she publicly states, ” this product saved me”. Shawn’s favorite product is Relief Cream, which makes sense due to the hard work Trooper Summers does every day to keep us safe.

“Teamwork makes the dream work. The support I’ve received from my team and the Company has been remarkable. Not only are we impacting our own lives, but we are changing the lives of others quickly,” said Amy Summers. “HERE WE GROW” added Amy, with a big smile, which is one of her favorite statements from her online fitness classes. If you have not gotten involved with the TM3 United opportunity, get involved today. It is life changing” stated Shawn.

“In the short time the Company has been in business, the Summers have built a strong foundation that has propelled their TM3 United Consulting Business. They are a real example of commitment, perseverance, leadership by example.  The Summers have their goals fixed on Faith First, Others Second and I AM Third in every action they undertake, and this philosophy will take them as far as they desire. I congratulate them in achieving this milestone, but more importantly, I congratulate them on the growth on their entire team. They are an example that success is only real success if their entire team succeeds to the level they have and they already have team members following quickly in their footsteps. Successful Leaders lead others to where they need to be, so they too can find their purpose in life. Leaders do not keep everything just for themselves but ensure their team also benefits fully. Amy and Shawn are perfect examples of this and why they are seeing success so quickly” – stated Daren Hogge, TM3 United Chairman

The TM3 United Prosperity opportunity gives people the chance to earn weekly residual income. In addition, the TM3 United Prosperity opportunity gives the opportunity to TM3 United Business Consultants** the ability to earn bonuses and rewards that can be used to cover business expenses.

About TM3 United

TM3 United is a leading innovator in health and wellness products and personal development. They believe in helping people discover and live their Purpose as we keep Faith First, Others Second and I AM Third in all our actions, knowing full well we must invest in ourselves to be the foundation on which we can be strong enough to help others and keep out faith. The Company began operations in late 2022 and every product offers “First Dose Results” For more information on the products or business opportunity, visit

*The earnings of the distributors in this publication are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a TM3 United business consultant can or will earn through his or her participation in the TM3 United Prosperity Rewards Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Success and compensation earned are a direct result from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your individual success will depend solely upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. TM3 United Business Consultants,  expect and demand a lot from themselves and realize it is not easy to become successful in being a business owner. Under TM3 United’s policies and procedures, not every Product Consultant will be invited to become a TM3 United Business Consultant. Every authorized TM3 United Business Consultant has demonstrated their ability to grow and lead their own business.

** The right to become a TM3 United Business Consultant must be earned. Upon achieving certain customer sales volumes, the Company, under its sole discretion and control, will invite individuals to become TM3 United Business Consultants giving them the opportunity to cash compensation. TM3 United is the industry’s first ever “by invitation only” company.


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