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VoteChain: A great revolution in voting

VoteChain aims to improve the entire voting system and make it extremely transparent through blockchain technology. (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Mar 2, 2021 ( – Democratic voting is a crucial and serious event in any country. The most common way in which a country votes is through a paper-based system, but is it not time to bring voting into the 21st century of modern technology? Digital voting is the use of electronic devices, such as voting machines or an internet browser, to cast votes. These are sometimes referred to as e-voting…

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Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company Enters The Global Bullion And Index Trading Business

Provider of advanced fintech solutions, Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company, partners with iDrink Technology Co. Ltd and Midas Touch Technology Ltd to enter the global bullion and index trading business (YorkPedia Editorial):- Kington, Herefordshire Mar 2, 2021 ( – Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company is getting all the attention they desire, especially on the stock market, with the company’s penny stock rated high by investors on the fintech market due to moves made by the company in recent times. SUIC has been described by many as the favorite penny stock in the…

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Being Independent In a Changing World

Now, through Global Fx Tradiing Group, you can talk with successful traders and explore your opportunities. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Feb 28, 2021 ( – Global Fx Trading Group recognizes that it’s a new world out there.  Many people are looking for work-at-home occupations that are challenging, keep them independent, and offer incomes with no ceilings. Consequently, we’ve set up an easy Zoom appointment scheduler where interested people can learn about the world of Trading.   To talk to our product team. Just go to and click on “Schedule Time for Product Inquiry”.…

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BTCST to Run Community Redenomination Vote

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 28, 2021 ( – Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST), the first standard hashrate token in the blockchain industry, has announced that a community vote on redenomination is taking place. In the early morning of February 22, the BTCST community initiated a proposal to split the BTCST token. The proposal is to initiate a token redenomination vote to adjust the issuance of tokens to 15 million, 150 million, or 1.5 billion under the condition that the overall value and market cap of the token remains…

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Make Easy Money Online | 100% Money Gain Guarantee

Ways to make money online and make money from home (YorkPedia Editorial):- Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire Feb 26, 2021 ( –  Recently, everyone wants to make money on the internet. Especially in the corona period, people are looking for ways to earn money from home. We come across a lot of education, books, and sites on this subject, but many of them are fake or earn very little money. Here we are with a mini-book that gives a 100% Money Making Guarantee from the Internet. In this book written by the Golden…

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The Growth of the Exchange Coin and the Next BNB

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 25, 2021 ( – If you have bought, traded, or sold cryptocurrency in the last ten years, odds are you familiar with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. While Coinbase has taken a significant position within retail buyers, and holds the number two spot, as of writing, the daily average volume was around $8B, in contrast to Binance’s 48B. While Binance reigns over in terms of users and volume, they are also responsible for the first exchange coin, BNB. BNB provides traders a host…

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Ignite Social Impact Recruits Social Advocate and Business Leader, Maurice Jones

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bethesda, Maryland Feb 23, 2021 ( – Committed to delivering positive social and environmental impact for all, Ignite Social Impact (“Ignite”) — the first FINRA-approved, impact investing-focused crowdfunding portal, announces Maurice Jones as an advisor. As a leader in the nonprofit sector, as well as state and federal government, Maurice has dedicated his life to serving others and connecting talent with opportunity. At Ignite, Maurice will seek to build a more equitable world by enabling social-impact entrepreneurs to access capital for their businesses, regardless of their gender, race, or ethnicity.…

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Dragonchain Partners with Socratic Consultancy to Bring Quantum Resistant Blockchain Solutions to Multiple Industries

Dragonchain, the technology leader in the blockchain space, with security and scalability at the forefront of its operations, teams up with Socratic Consultancy, the most trusted independent consulting agency in the marketplace, as its partner. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Seattle, Washington Feb 23, 2021 ( – Dragonchain, Inc., the firm that created the most secure and flexible blockchain platform on earth, is an enterprise and start-up-ready platform that can be leveraged to build flexible and scalable blockchain applications. Socratic Consultancy is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Dragonchain to provide more insight into…

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CryptoNumus offers US $400M in Luxury Real Estate Investment Properties for Real-Time Fiat-Free Swap into Bitcoin

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Feb 21, 2021 ( –, CryptoNumus Ltd., the World’s only real-time Bitcoin to real estate FIAT-free swap platform company, announced a strategic relationship with Pensio Global to integrate the proprietary Bitcoin real estate digital swap platform with the US $400 Million Pensio Global luxury real estate investment portfolio. “Bitcoin has been used with limited regularity for real estate transactions. Real estate brokers sometimes list that they would accept Bitcoin, however, these properties ended up largely selling through traditional FIAT methods while passing on market risks to…

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Avicanna (AVCNF) sales increase 100%+ month over month

As it penetrates the $3billion Canadian Retail Market (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 18, 2021 ( – Avicanna (TSX: AVCN) (OTCQX: AVCNF) is a driving Biopharmaceutical Advancements of Plant-derived Cannabinoid-based Products throughout North and South America. During the past four months, the Avicanna has experienced an incredibly successful launch with overwhelming positive support by the medical community including 300 prescribers and 20 clinics.   Avicanna sales have increased 100%+ month over month in all product categories. The early results show the product formulary key demographics are 55% women, 47%…

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