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Understanding Residential Underpinning Techniques

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Sep 6, 2020 ( – Underpinning is a process used to repair, strengthen, or increase the depth of an existing foundation by lowering the footing to allow it to rest on more supportive soil. Further, Underpinning is a method used to increase foundation depth or repairing faulty foundations. This might be the case if you plan to add stories to an existing structure or when the foundation has been damaged. Steven Gamsby of Provincial Site Services a firm that specializes in concrete remediation notes that “underpinning is not a…

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Looters Take Advantage of San Francisco Area Fire Evacuations; Security Guard Companies Patrol Empty Homes – Businesses

Guards monitor evacuated properties around the clock while owners are waiting for the fire department to give them the all clear to reenter. (YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, Aug 25, 2020 ( – Looters have been caught breaking into empty homes in San Francisco-area communities where residents have been forced to evacuate because of current California wildfires. Looting is prompting some homeowners, homeowner associations and businesses to enlist the services of security guards to protect their property according to Access Patrol Services (APS), a firewatch security guard company serving San Francisco and counties…

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Blaqsbi Citi: A New Beacon and Legacy for the next Generation

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Charlotte, Jul 12, 2020 ( – In the spirit of economic freedom and empowerment a group of professional men and women, comprised of engineers, lawyers, and marketing experts, have teamed up to embark on a project to create a 21st Century city version of the booming Greenwood District in Tulsa Oklahoma known as Black Wall Street. The team believes this is possible because black spending power remains strong even as the racial wealth gap continues to widen. Most of this spending occurs outside of the community which weakens political voices…

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Lehman – CFLA Settle With CFPB Agree to $3,000,000.00 Fine

Bloomberg Property Securitization Audits Will No Longer be offered by Lehman or CFLA (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jun 28, 2020 ( – CFLA and Andrew Lehman have reached a settlement with the CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to stop offering the following services to its clients effective immediately: Bloomberg Securitization Audits, Quiet Title Packages, and Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Classes. CFLA has spent 13 great years in business with an excellent reputation (A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau). Over the past 3 years, CFLA has been engaged in very aggressive litigation…

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Polk Properties / Premier Management Are Pleased to Announce Another Loan Closing

7300 Chateau Ridge Lane, Riverside California 92506 (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Mar 10, 2020 ( – Polk Properties / Premier Management Inc is pleased to have funded a new first trust deed on a non-owner-occupied investment property in the amount of $1,259,300.00. Terms of 8% interest only with a term of 5 years. No, prepay penalty.  We look forward to any inquiries regarding this deal and your needs. Please visit us at Also, hear our podcast at: Here is a link to our articles collection: We are Rock -solid…

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