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99 Innovations Introduces a Joint Venture Partnership Program for its Certified Operators


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This new program will provide successful 99 Spoons operators access to discounted equipment, new locations and bulk buying supplier discounts.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Diego, California Feb 15, 2023 ( – 99 Innovations recently announced it will be launching a new program allowing successful, certified 99 Spoons operators access to discounted equipment to be provided to locations the company secures across the US. Certified operators only will own a significant percentage of the asset itself, maintain supplies, and provide routine maintenance via a profit-sharing agreement with the company.

As the 99 Spoons program gains momentum the company has started receiving inquiries from a variety of high foot traffic locations categories wanting to offer customers freshly served soft serve from automated vending kiosks across the US. To satisfy this demand, the company will be offering any successful, certified owner/operator of its 99 Spoons kiosks within proximity to these locations access to its equipment at heavily discounted rates, and via a new joint venture partnership agreement.

The company believes that giving its operators, whether they are business owners who own and operate a 99 Spoons kiosk on their own premises already, or area operators who have kiosks in third party locations, the opportunity to access additional kiosks that are heavily discounted benefits the entire network. It gives all 99 Spoons kiosk operators the ability to grow their businesses with less investment, they are already extremely well prepared, and the company can build a successful route of kiosks it has equity in virtually, nationwide, without having to create the usual infrastructure, and knowing its certified operators will represent the 99 Spoons brand well.

In addition, the company can begin geo-targeting its proven digital marketing efforts to decision makers at new locations within the areas of its established operators who have enrolled, knowing that when interest is generated, it can be facilitated quickly and successfully. 

The 99 Spoons program, dubbed the future of frozen vending, is currently being offered to business owners at Family Fun Centers, Gas Stations, QSR’s and Hotels as examples, who want to offer soft serve with toppings and hot sauces to their customers without having to provide the usual labor. Aspiring or established vending operators can also purchase a minimum of three 99 Spoons kiosks from the company, to be operated in third party locations within the areas they live and work. Each operator is provided extensive training, and after 90 days of successful operations will be deemed certified and provided access to discounted equipment via this new joint venture program.

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