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Paloceras Introduces Limited-Edition Digital Spectacles: A Visionary Fusion of Art and Technology in Eyewear


Showcasing PUFF Solaris

Revolutionary design meets cutting-edge innovation in groundbreaking eyewear collection

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal Mar 15, 2023 ( – Celebrating the arrival of spring, Paloceras, the avant-garde design powerhouse renowned for its digital artistry, proudly unveils its inaugural eyewear collection, masterfully crafted by award-winning designers Alexis Perron-Corriveau and Mika Matikainen.

The PUFF limited-edition series offers a mesmerizing blend of fantasy and reality through its captivating digital spectacles. These one-of-a-kind pieces transport wearers to an ethereal realm, where artistry and innovation unite in a symphony of sensory delight, transforming them into celestial beings transcending time and space.

Showcasing 55 distinct designs, the collection exhibits sculptural elegance with a goggle-style unisex frame, and a sophisticated color palette that combines subtle tones with eye-catching metallic shades. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using digital techniques, significantly reducing the consumption of virgin materials.

Paloceras is committed to defying conventional norms by fostering imagination and creativity. The brand aspires to ignite fresh ideas and materialize exceptional pieces that redefine the boundaries of traditional design. Alexis Perron-Corriveau, one of the designers, explains, “Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in creativity and imagination. We endeavor to inspire and empower new possibilities by challenging the status quo and opening up unexplored avenues for our collaborators and clients alike.”

For fashion aficionados and collectors seeking to elevate their digital wardrobe, the exclusive Paloceras PUFF collection presents a limited selection of innovative and contemporary spectacles. To discover more about the collection, visit the brand’s website at


Showcasing PUFF SolarisShowcasing PUFF SolarisPUFF Haze CH01xPUFF Haze CH01x tilted

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